Casual Conversation with Montauk Real Estate Sensei Chris Coleman

It could be argued that a real estate conversation about Montauk without mentioning Chris Coleman isn’t much of a real estate conversation about Montauk at all. The guy had his name on $71.5 million of  Montauk’s $179.8 million total real estate transactions last year. Imagine someone cutting an entire birthday cake in half and then eating all of one half, save for one bite. That’s essentially what Chris did—except he pulled his 40% from a highly lucrative housing market, not of a diabetes-inducing bakery item.

We caught up with the local real estate sensei to discuss whether or not he knows how to play the drums, the wildest place he’s ever negotiated a deal, and more.

You know that there’s a drummer also by the name of Chris Coleman? He’s got a few really mean drum solos on YouTube with a couple hundred thousand views. That’s not you right? It’s okay if it is—we’ll still do the interview.

Yes, I have seen Chris Coleman play the drums, and no, that’s not me…but he is nasty at drum solos. He reminds me of local Montauk legend, Dylan Fee, who is going into 6th grade at Montauk school and rips on the drums!

Happy 11th Birthday Chloe !! You are the most amazing daughter . I Love you so much . Have the best day! @chloe.coleman2 ?

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Let’s time travel for a minute. Can you describe your very first impression of Montauk?

Spending the entire day at the ocean with my family and then going to Fudge-N-Stuff before we went to play Puff-N-Putt.

And you spent some time as a broker on the NYSE, right? Is it fair to say that the investment knowledge it takes to work in the financial world translates well into selling real estate on the East End? Any specific instances?

Yes. I spent 9 1/2 years as a floor broker on NYSE—Badge #308. While on NYSE, I was matching buyers and sellers all day with stocks like Disney (DIS) or Coca Cola (KO). Now its matching buyers and sellers on sand or dirt or a place with a view of the ocean…I kinda like my new job of matching buyers and sellers up a little more now ;).

Have you ever heard of real estate agents having pre-showing/closing rituals? Like a particular 8AM breakast, or rolling up to a property listening to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”?

You mean like the lucky necklace my daughter Chloe made for me six Fathers Day’s ago, that I still wear everyday ?

Is there one property you’ve sold that you consider to be a career highlight/benchmark, one that felt like a bit more of an accomplishment than others for a certain reason?

Anyone buying their first house in Montauk. I get the most feeling of accomplishment from that, as the buyers are usually really amped up and I love the feeling of that energy and excitement of first-time home owners!

Wildest or most surprising place you’ve ever began/negotiated/closed a deal?

Nicaragua last year surfing with my son Tucker, and Scott and Riley Cullen. I got out of the ocean and found out by email we had put a deal together. It paid for the surf trip and the surf was perfect that day. We are gonna go back.

It feels like aside from a small day at Ditch this past weekend, we haven’t got much waves lately. What was the last really good day that you can remember getting hyped over?

This winter was legit at home!

2 hour school delay= morning session @tucker.colemann #mrpernarules ??

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You can own two dream houses: one in Montauk and one outside of Montauk. Where are they and what are each’s three essential features?

In Montauk, it would be an oceanfront in the Moorelands. Outside of Montauk, it would be in Central America on a right point break. At both spots, the three essentials features would need to be (1) able to see ocean from the ground floor (2) hard to get to so crowds are thin and (3) able to have a boat close enough so we could jump in and check out other spots.

Thanks Chris. Keep up with the man + his visually satisfying real estate offerings via his Instagram.