Whalebone: The Golf Tournament

The first and maybe annual. See you on the ninth green at nine.

From time to time the Whalebone team finds themselves whacking a little white ball in hopes of getting it into a hole. Some days are better than others, but getting outside and trying to bottle the feeling of hearing that little ball hit the bottom is something we’ve been working hard at work at. Just waiting on FDA approval. In the meantime, it turns out we have a lot of friends that also like that feeling and we decided to do a little golf tourney at our home course at the Montauk Downs with proceeds towards Youth on Course. Balls were hit. Drinks were drunk and someone walked away with one of those giant checks. Ok, we do like golf but think we did this whole thing so we could have a giant check made. Anyway, thank you to The Long Drink, Chido, Chippo, Malbon, Montauk Downs, Youth on the Course, and all the players that came out.

Two men on the green. One man is standing and putting.

The morning started off a little rainy but turns out the heavy stuff never came down. Armed with a cooler of Long Drink and Chido, players hit the course with the hopes of bringing home the grand prize of 2,000 clams and bragging rights for The Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin.

Ladies and gentlemen, your teams for the 1st maybe annual Whalebone Golf Tournament:

  • Daunt’s Albatross
  • Team Krazzmatazz
  • The Chido Team
  • Hicksville Hackers
  • Chippopotamuses
  • The Vice Grippers
  • The Big Boy’s 
  • Team Celibrate
  • The Long Drink Team
  • Shot Doctor
  • Bonac Bandits
  • Half Chubbs
  • The Inlet Seafood
Two men in polos and hat pointing at something off screen
Man holding a golf club with his hands in the air as a celebratory gesture
woman wearing a golf glove, holding a long drink can and opening it
People and parked golf carts. One man in the foreground is reaching for a can that sits atop a cooler
Women and children against an open field
A person pouring drinks over another
Three cans of chido being held by three people
People outside playing golf games

Everyone had a strong showing on the course with a good mix of lost balls, long drives, not-so-long drives, and empty cans. Everyone huddled and shared their scores—their very “accurate” scores around the 18th hole and headed over to the 19th hole at the Boneyard for more beveriginos, a Chippo chipping contest, and to see who might take home the giant check.

The front entrance of the boneyard building with a sign out front announcing the whalebone golf tournament

It was a nail-biter, but congratulations to Team Celibrate on winning the 1st maybe annual Whalebone Golf Tournament. Long Drink and Chido showers watered the backyard lawn at the Boneyard. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Thank you to all involved. See you on the 9th green at 9.

Four men holding a giant check and a trophy. There is a group of people behind them.