About Whalebone


It started with printing T-shirts and an old van delivering magazines around Montauk, NY, and went from there. Well, it kind of is still there. We’re not exactly in a rush which is likely aggravating to anyone reading this wondering why the latest edition of Whalebone Magazine is late to arrive in the mail, again. Hang tight, it’ll be there soon. While you wait, here are a few other things you might enjoy knowing about Whalebone:


  • Started in 2010 originally making hand-printed T-shirts.
  • In 2015 the magazine launched and was intended to be a limited-edition fun summer project.
  • Thankfully, we found out pretty quickly that having just a magazine isn’t the best way to pay for gas for the van
  • Whalebone opened The Boneyard, The Bleecker St. shop and The Print Shop.
  • Along with Whalebone Radio, The Photo Contest, the Hot Sauce Company, dive bar type things, and other fun concepts that our accountant still does not understand.
  • Bill Murray helped develop The Bill Murray Issue of Whalebone then he drank tequila with us.
  • There’s also the daily email from Whalebone called Afternoon Delight. This goes out almost every afternoon and tends to be delightful. 
  • Someone once called us “possibly the world’s ninth-best publication” but we like to think we’re just a community of like-minded individuals who all believe that being delightfully disoriented and putting some fun into the world isn’t the worst way to spend some time. 
  • The original screen printer in Montauk is still going with Whalebone handmade tees and hoodies being produced in small, quality batches. Stop by sometime if you’re in the area: 65 Tuthill Rd. Montauk NY 11954.

And if we can ever do anything to help please send a line to hello@whalebonemag.com and we’ll find the time to make it happen. Hope you’re doing okay today. 

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