A Good Old-Fashioned Magazine Release Party

Sea Creatures Issue swimming from NY to Montauk.

Thanks to Meg Dowd for capturing all these shots for posterity.

Sea Creatures are cool. No question there. And while the Whalebone crew wouldn’t dream of installing 50,000-gallon aquariums in our shops and filling them with all of our favorite sea creatures because sea creatures belong in the sea and also our accountant is one lunch at The Dock away from not talking to us. So we did the next best thing, we released an entire special edition of The Sea Creatures Issue and hosted several hundred friends and family and ocean lovers out to celebrate life below the surface. There were old faces, new faces, and many happy faces at the issue release celebrations in Montauk and NYC all presented by our friends from Detroit, Shinola.

If you missed these shindigs sign up for updates about the next one. And be on time with a limited-edition Sea Creatures watch made from ocean plastics we released with the Sea Creatures Issue.

Big thank you to Montauk Brew Co, 21Seeds, Rías Baixas Albariño, The Palm by Whispering Angel, Fair Harbor, GOT BAG, Arvin Goods, Aunt D, and William Grand. Not a bad way to get back into some events.

Front of the Whalebone store on Bleecker Street in New York City
21 Seeds and the Whalebone Sea Creatures issues displayed on table
A laptop sitting on top of a stack of whalebone magazines
Two people holding glasses, cheering
Shelves in the store with GOT Bag, magazine, Shinola watch box, books and montauk brew co
Inside the Whalebone shop on Bleecker two women stand at a table with sound equipment nearby
Two women sitting and clinking cups
women sitting with a laptop in her lap and holding a montauk brew co beer can
Multiple cans of montauk brew co sea creatures india pale ale being knocked together
stack of special edition shinola watch and sea creatures magazine on display on a table top
bottles of 21seeds next to a plate of sliced citrus and jalapenos
a woman holding a glass of liquid and sitting down
William Grand behind a table with dj equipment, laptop and whalebone magazines
two glasses of drinks
A person pouring a bottle of wine into a glass
Three people standing and smiline
A woman hugging a man making a weird face
A drink sitting on the edge of a pool table
cans of montauk brew co sea creatures india pale ale
Two men with messengers bag standing outside the window of the whalebone store on bleecker
three women holding glasses and smiling
an older woman drinking from a plastic glass
Hairy legs with whalebone socks and converse
a hand holding up a can of montauk brew co sea creatures india pale ale

Like we said. Don’t miss the next one.

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