Happenings at The Whalebone Record Shop

Vinyl Me, Please x Whalebone Magazine custom record shop, Montauk, NY

Spinning you right ‘round with some friends in town

The Whalebone Record Shop storefront in Montauk,NY

Music is a powerful thing. All it takes is a damn good beat to get a room movin’ and groovin’. Just ask anyone who has ever been to a Whalebone event. Which is why we looked at our friends over at Vinyl Me, Please and said you know what. Let’s do it. Let’s open a record shop and we can spin some vinyl, host some happy hours, spend time with good people, pet the yellow dog, and pass along the classic way to enjoy a toe-tappin’ playlist. 

The Record Shop is up and running, located at 742 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954. Stop in, say hi, add to your vinyl collection, get the table-turning, or maybe come to one of our little shindigs happening here in the next couple of months.

Here’s what’s happening when and whatnot.

A little more about our friends:

Vinyl Me, Please brand imagery

Vinyl Me, Please

These folks understand the power of music more than most. Hence the whole record shop thing. But it goes farther than that with curation and celebration of all that goes into the albums we just can’t get enough of. Drop the needle.

man listening to Denon record player sitting on floor


Wouldn’t make much sense to have a record shop without a record player. And it would probably make even more sense if we had record players for sale in case you just discovered your new-found love for vinyl and now need a way to play them. The 10-inches are spinning.

YETI products at the Whalebone Boneyard


Built for the wild. And we would consider ourselves slightly wild. Depends on the day. From coolers to drink ware, you can get all you need for whatever your adventure might be. Fishing, going to the beach, sitting on the back porch, or maybe even putting a record on and listening to some music.

Perfect Snacks Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter bars

Perfect Snacks

Made by a family for families. And well everyone, actually. Perfect Snacks are not only tasty, but filled with whole foods and none of those janky preservatives. Makes sense as to why they are in the fridge and not just on the shelves. Real food is good food.

Montaukila at The Boneyard


At this point, you already know we are big tequila drinkers, but this time went local with the good people over at Montaukila. Premium, yet laid back. Sounds about right. Also, what better way to encourage a dance party to your favorite album than with a nice smooth agave-based drink. We’re pretty sure there’s a song for this.