Location Spotlight: Montauk

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A Guide to the End of the World

The End. Probably not the usual way we start these things, but it’s what Montauk is called sometimes. The End of the World, if you will. That’s because if you jump into the ocean and keep going, you’ll hit Europe. Known as a drinking town with a fishing problem, the East End (yet another nickname) has been hauling the fish in since 1686. If you drive to the very end, you’ll come across a lighthouse—the first lighthouse in New York—which is still in use today. Fourth oldest active lighthouse in the US. This lighthouse sits on Camp Hero, which was used as an Army, Coastguard, and Air Force base during World War II. Then the 1980’s came around, the war long since over, and Camp Hero was rumored to be home to governmental psychological warfare.

Montauk Lighthouse
Courtesy of Clay LeComey

What to do:

Camp Hero Exploring

Ever heard of that show Stranger Things? If you happen to be an eggo-eating, salt bath-taking fan-type and want to explore the very area that Stranger Things is based off of, this place is for you. Want to learn more about the psychological warfare that allegedly went on? Add “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” to your summer reading list. 

Puff & Putt 

Mini golf, paddle boarding, sailing, and peddle boating. That sounds like a delightful afternoon. Family-friendly and boatloads of fun, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Puff & Putt. 

Uihlein’s Marina

Need something bigger than a Hobie Cat? We got the place. Located by Gosman’s Dock, Uihlein’s Marina has jetski and boat rentals ranging from 16-31 feet. Don’t worry, water-skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding is included and encouraged. See you out there.

montauk beach house
Courtesy of @thembh

Where to stay:

Montauk Beach House

Contrary to the name, Montauk Beach House is neither a house nor on the beach although it is only a hop skip and jump away. Located in the heart of town, MBH has great food, beautiful rooms, and a wonderful pool. Not to mention the one time we had Wyclef Jean tear the non-existent roof down in the backyard. 

Solé East Resort

A nice little boutique experience in the heart of Montauk, with just a short walk to the heart of town. Enjoy a secluded and intimate backyard with a pool and cafe called none other than The Backyard at Solé. We recommend the oysters. 

The Breakers Motel

If you’re looking for a quieter, more secluded place to enjoy your visit, The Breakers Motel is the place to be. Right off of Old Montauk Highway, right near town, right near a beach, right near a pool, need we go on? Stop into Coco Café after your daily activities come to a close.

happy bowls montauk
Courtesy of Happy Bowls

Where to eat:

Happy Bowls

The ideal pit stop on your way to the beach. And from the beach. Start your morning with an açaí bowl or a smoothie and put an end to the perfect beach day with a fresh poke bowl. Odds are, they will bring you joy. The name says it all.  

The Hideaway

Appropriately named, this colorful Mexican restaurant sits tucked away near a bunch of big boats. Makes for a damn good view. Have yourself a margarita and admire the water. PS. All margaritas are available by the bottle. Cheers, amigos. 

The Inlet

Next to that little shop down that long road, sometimes referred to as The Boneyard, some of the best sushi in Montauk, and some of the best sunset views, our neighbor, the Inlet, is a must-visit. We promise that the long drive down the long road is worth it. Pop into The Boneyard while you’re at it. Tell them we sent you.