The Beauty of Not Overcomplicating Breakfast

breakfast spread at Bird on the Roof Montauk

The Most Important Meal of the Day at Bird on the Roof

There is something to be said about those breakfast spots that make you forget about whatever worries you had before walking through the door. The ones that embody the essence of taking things slow and doing things with care. The ones that put intent into your experience and the ingredients of your meal. The ones that keep it simple, while keeping it elevated. One, in particular, being Montauk’s Bird on the Roof. To learn more about the beauty of keeping it uncomplicated and how they do it so successfully, we slid into the booth for breakfast with owner Leo Daunt and chef Marcos Martinez-Perez. The early bird gets the worm.

Exterior of Bird on the Roof, Montauk, NY
Marcos and Leo from Bird on the Roof, Montauk, NY

It’s brunch on a Sunday at Bird on The Roof, what are the three things everyone is ordering off the menu?

Marcos: The Soft Scramble Toast, which has a little burrata, basil oil and avocado on top is definitely a favorite. The Shakshuka is also up there, followed by the two eggs, any style. That’s a staple. It’s a classic with really good home fries made with fresh ingredients. Most popular egg style is scrambled. We’re known for having nice and actually fluffy scrambled eggs. But it really all depends on the vibes for what’s ordered on a Sunday. 

Leo: A big difference for us as a breakfast restaurant is our bread. We get it delivered fresh every day from a Brooklyn bakery called Eli’s. There’s never a time when you’re eating yesterday’s bread.

Soft Scrambled Toast breakfast at Bird on the Roof, Montauk, NY
two eggs any style breakfast at Bird on the Roof, Montauk, NY

Whalebone is pretty partial to the term keep it simple, do you think the menu speaks to that sentiment?

Marcos: We really think it does. It’s not your average breakfast place or your diner with a million options for your omelet. We have unique simple dishes with a little bit of everything to choose from. We like to consider ourselves a little more new school while being simple but properly homemade. 

Leo: It all starts with the ingredients. We try to get everything as fresh as possible. One of the most important things—investing in good eggs. Along with the highest quality of everything else like the burrata and bread. And there is intent and care in how it is presented. Always with a nice garnish to give an experience as opposed to just a quick bite to eat. 

We source as much produce locally as we can. We try to get it from local farmers when the season permits and depending on the season, we’ll try to add those local items and incorporate them into the menu. A lot of our friends have local farms that will give us random things from their gardens which allow us to have fun with them.

Breakfast spread on table at Bird on the Roof Montauk, NY

Most popular breakfast in Montauk?

Leo: The classic Montauk breakfast is definitely an egg sandwich and an iced coffee. They literally go hand-in-hand. And we take a lot of pride in our egg sammy. Not your typical B.E.C., but an elevated sandwich with homemade aioli that is used to dress the arugula, with a folded omelet nice and cheesy on our daily-delivered fresh bread. More of a unique sandwich, but one that’s damn good.

You get one breakfast meal for the rest of your life, what are you having?

Marcos: Call me crazy, but definitely the Shakshuka if I have the choice to switch it up. You can do green, red or add cheese if you want. I’m Puerto Rican so bread is everything. Forever and ever.  

Leo: Soft scrambled toast with an iced latte. Everything about it is freshly amazing.

How does one make a pistachio latte?

Leo: So first you froth the milk, which is then poured over a freshly pulled double shot of espresso. Then you mix that with some pistachio simple syrup and garnish with pistachio crumble and a dash of cinnamon.

pistachio latte at Bird on the Roof, Montauk, NY

Three songs on the playlist you’re playing while the breakfast menu is being served?

  • Paul Simon – Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
  • Electric Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky
  • John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane

Any secret ingredients in the homemade Bloody Mary mix we should know about?

Leo: The pickle juice—not something everyone uses in a Bloody Mary mix. And the fresh dill and herbs from my mom’s garden.