Change is inevitable

It might’ve been a caterpillar who first said that, but we would like to think it was David Attenborough talking about a caterpillar. That guy’s great. Regardless, change is inevitable and tends to bring the good things — the gang here at Whalebone Magazine likes the good things. With that in mind, we’re changing the name of the magazine to The Flow Trip — ain’t that something.

Before we share all the things to come and a little more about the name change and why, we want to say thank you. Whether you realized it or not, you played a role in helping a group of knuckleheads grow a basement idea into a quality print magazine with a global readership that sometimes produces an almost-daily newsletter, toe-tapping playlists, worthwhile events, questionable directions on cross-country tours to meet new friends, dozens of collabs with brands we admire, and enough memories to fill an off-the-beaten-path coffee shop. Thank you for helping and believing that a little old print magazine can do some good.

Moving forward Whalebone Magazine will be called The Flow Trip, but thankfully for us, it’s largely the same team, same dog, but with a new name and focus on the good things that align with our new partners at Flow. We tossed together a little playlist about The Flow Trip to get a vibe check of it all.

Subscribers and fans of the magazine will be pleased to know that the person who delivers your mail will likely be saying, “Hey, this is great but I should maybe tell the Whalebone Magazine folks that this new magazine feels very much like them but is a bit more focused on positive ideas to help combat loneliness and bring people together.” Then they’ll drop your mail and start whistling again. Subscribers should also know that you’ll be getting a nice sheet of stickers for the delay. Thank you for your patience while it took us what felt like 84 years to figure things out like the new name. We set up a FAQ page here for any other questions subscribers might have or be curious about.

We’d also like to direct a special thank you to @whalebonecreative for supporting the idea of Whalebone Magazine from the start. As you may or may not know, Whalebone originated as a clothing brand and will continue on as Whalebone, selling the soft stuff from their new digs in the heart of Montauk. Be sure to stop by the shop at 28 S. Etna Montauk, NY 11954, and say hi to Jesse, or check out

For anyone new around here or who has been involved with the magazine idea since we hand-delivered magazines for free out of the back of the van, should you need anything, please reach out. Life is a trip, and we’d love to help along the way if we ever can.

Before we end this novel, don’t forget, change is inevitable. Spread your wings, you beautiful butterfly.

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The Happy Issue Is Out Now
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It’s worth noting that The Flow Trip is a celebration of light, solutions, and being in the moment. Maybe just a magazine, maybe more than a magazine — maybe it’s just the idea that we can all help ourselves and others be more present. What a trip. Regardless, not the worst way to spend our days. We’re rooting for the world and good people like you. Thank you for being here.

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