Within (Sweet) Reason: A Sunset Cruise

The Sweet Reason CBD cocktails flowed and the captain kept the ship on course through the fog.


tarted out as a three-hour tour. An inauspicious beginning, as aficionados of 1960s television reruns can attest. Whalebone boarded the Viking Fleet Classic, strategically placing Polaroid cameras, and DJ Oli Benz set up his gear in a light fog. Which is not to say that any of the aforementioned were slightly confused, but we are talking weather that makes a Montauk dock feel like an ancient New England fishing port ripped out of Moby Dick.

The captain gave the all-clear to set sail.

Not the captain.

We cruised out in the early evening, and it bears mentioning that the CBD cocktails, with vodka, gin and tequila options, lifted us on bubbles of Sweet Reason CBD in place of soda. Those were flowing. DJ Oli Benz spun. Montauk Brew Co. cans were cheersed. Polaroids developed and were pinned. The Ars Poetica poet typed personalized poems for people on a manual typewriter. The fog grew thicker. When the night came, total black swallowed the sea. Not even a moon illuminated the deck. And all of those things continued to happen.

Everything took on a starboard-green glow.

The poet typed by the green of the starboard light. DJ Oli Benz blurred. The Polaroid took longer to come into focus. Sweet Reason still tasted as sweet. Everything took on a starboard-green glow. We may have been off course, but probably only in our minds.

When we came to shore, standing on the dock in a scene lit like the end of Casablanca, and the passengers disembarked with extra treats from The Glenrothes Whisky, Design Within Reach, Prima, Rosebud CBD and Tea Drops. Apologies, we could not get the poet to type this.