Sleep Under the Stars at Hither Hills


We all love our comfy beds, bug-less pillows and waking up in the morning without dew on our skin, but sometimes the usual can get a little tiresome and boring. Sleeping on the beach is one way to break the monotony, but we all know that’s illegal – right?

Instead of standing the risk of spending the night on a gray cement floor in the slammer surrounded by underage drinkers and petty bar-fight starters, you can spend the night under the Milky Way listening to the waves roll in.

Hither Hills State Park provides families and vacationists with the opportunity to get as close to sleeping on the beach as possible without ending up in handcuffs with flashing blue and red lights escorting you to your cell for the night.

Hither Hills Campsite

Hither Hills Campsite Courtesy of

Get in touch with your adventurous side and book a week at the only campground in Montauk. With 168 sites, you’d think it’d be easy to call and make a reservation for the summer. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Reservation inquiries open up nearly nine months in advance to the start of summer, with office hours starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. By 9:01 a.m. all sites are usually gone, so timeliness is key. Sites cost $56 per weeknight, $64 per weekend night for out-of-state residents, and trailers are welcome, making it one of the most affordable places to stay on the East End.

The location is key as well. A two-mile beach parallels the camp sites, not to mention the picnic areas and fire pits that are scattered throughout the location make for a fun stay. Nightly movies, a playground, daily baseball games and arts and crafts events keep children entertained when it’s not beach time. When it’s sunny and hot, lifeguards on the beach keep close eyes on the kids and adults playing, surfing and swimming in the refreshing ocean.

There are multiple bathhouses throughout the location with warm showers and the oh-so convenient power outlets. Even though we suggest you leave the computers, tablets and other devices at home, that will distract you from enjoying the nature and time with friends and family. Save those Instagram pictures for #tbt the week after!

A general store near the front entrance of the camping grounds provides you with anything you may need for the week, from food to firewood. Breakfast specials are available as well if you don’t feel like cooking up some bacon on the grill, and eggs in whatever you cook eggs in while you’re camping.

If you happen to get bored while you’re camping, or perhaps the weather turns for the worst and it rains, Montauk town is about a 5-minute car ride. The ride itself is a blast because you’ll be driving down Old Montauk Highway. Beautiful sights of the ocean will line your right side view and if you drive correctly, which would technically be incorrectly in this case, then you can make the huge hills feel like roller coasters.


The Beach at Hither Hills

If you prefer the life of comfort, room service and privacy, stop by Hither Hills for just the day. Parking for one day is $10 and this could possibly be the closest parking spot to a beach that you’ll find for miles. The kids will have a great time or if you don’t have kids, make a picnic basket and spend the day snacking on adult goods (wine and expensive cheese). You can hang in the grass on the hills overlooking the ocean.


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