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Who doesn’t like kicking it Poolside? — grab a couple drinks, sprawl out on a lounge chair, jump in the pool to cool off, buy a new outfit, grab some grub and treat yourself. Wait, wait rewind! Yup, you heard right, retail therapy is now an option down by the pool.

Poolside Collective is the spot supplying the goods, throwing shopping in the pool of activities, if you will, for those lounging around down by Montauk Beach House.

We run tings, tings dun run we ?

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Ashleigh Hults and Lee Ann Bulgin, the founders of the collective, have set up shop this summer over at the Beach House right by the pool, hence the name, and these two awesomely fun and personable girls will be contributing to the Whalebone team with some great content for the most fashionable and stylish readers we have.

Before they dive into the stories for you all, we figured we sit down with them for a little and introduce you guys to them. So read up, get to know the girls and stayed tuned for the doozy of a rapid fire at the end.

Readers, I introduce you to Poolside Collective.


The show-runners. Photo: Poolside Collective

What is Poolside Collective? Explain the brand a little bit for us.

Poolside Collective looks and feels like a retail store, but it is so much more! It’s a moveable concept shop currently residing poolside in Montauk featuring items from near and far, many of which are not available anywhere else on the East End (or even in the US)! This makes the in-store experience fun and immersive. We curate all items to tell a cohesive story. Our brand walks a fine line between luxury and beach bum.

Why Poolside at MBH?

We met at the MBH last year and instantly became friends. Therefore, the location has meaning and is the perfect setting for our first venture together. The MBH property and schedule of events are important to our initiative and to community building. The team at the MBH understands our vision and their partnership is invaluable.

 Is Poolside the name of your brand because of the opportunity at MBH?

The location of the shop inspired the name, but it quickly became a concept itself. “Poolside” is exactly where we want to be at all times. It’s a lifestyle and we want you to live it with us.

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What are your goals and initiatives for this summer in Montauk?

Our main goal is to organically and meaningfully establish the Poolside brand. We are taking the time to develop our identity, create content, experiment and learn. We also want to have a lot of fun and throw a few pool parties.

What are some of the brands you carry? Explain the motivation behind carrying niche, authentic brands.

Establishing a cohesive storyline within the shop was important to us from the start. We want to encourage discovery, tell brand stories, create content, and get people excited about products that we love. Many of our brands are internationally based (Oh My Crop Top from Spain and Myra Swim from Australia) or don’t have a brick-and-mortar location (Bikyni), so we offer unique live connection. We’re so much more than just a retail shopping space so we thoughtfully selected brands that are creating unique and meaningful products.

 Where did the idea start to do a pop-up in MTK for you guys?

Ashleigh produced a bunch of events in out east last summer and recognized the opportunity to create a 360 marketing platform and live activation in Montauk. We had many iterations of the idea, but ultimately settled on the pop-up concept shop experience. We met in Montauk last summer and both vibe with the setting.

 What kind of content to do you expect to write for Whalebone?

We want to add some Poolside to Whalebone. We hop to provide the same discovery experience that we facilitate in our store.

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Are you excited about the partnership?

Duh, stoked! Ready to rock and roll.

If you had to sum up the East End in one word what would it be?

Ahhhhh (deep exhale).

If accomplishing anything (hopefully A LOT), what would Poolside main goal of the summer be?

To bring a sought-after, destination retail experience to Montauk, to build a brand that we can transfer to a new pool in a warm climate this winter and to have a lot of fun!

Ok so here’s the rapid fire round, ready go!

One summer trial or many to come?

Many to come! Stay tuned!

Pool or beach, or Pool and* Beach?

AH: Poolside, at the beach. That’s actually our concept for a pop-up in Malibu.

LB: Same

Business or casual, or business casual?

AH: Casual luxury

LB: Casual with a touch of business

Cheeky or Conservative?

AH: Cheeky

LB: Can I say both?!

 Trend Setter or Follow the trend?

AH: Trendsetter

LB: Classically on-trend

Day 1 Journal Entry

Day 1 Journal Entry

 Print or Digital?

AH: Video

LB: Digital, but always enjoy flipping through a good print

Summer Vaca or Escaping Winter?

AH: Escape winter (ski slopes count as an escape)

LB: Same!

Stay tuned for more from Whalebone and Poolside this summer and be sure to head down to the Montauk Beach House and say hello to Ash and Lee while enjoying the pool, maybe even buy a lil somethin’ somethin’. Check them out on social @wearepoolside and online at