Photo Gallery: Superstorm Jonas

Meet Jonas. Jonas is a nice guy. Jonas is someone you would befriend. Jonas would never sneak a small piece of plastic or metal into your peanut butter banana sandwich so that you’d chip a tooth during your first bite. Jonas isn’t like that. But Jonas, like you and me, does have his ups and downs — and this past weekend, it’s safe to say that Jonas was in the dumps.

No one is sure why Jonas felt compelled to take it all out on us. A lot of suited folks in front of green screens and field reporters that were #liveatthescene, spent questionable amounts of time trying to understand and communicate Jonas’ flurry. Grocery mart economists predicted storm-induced panic in the milk, butter, and toilet paper markets. Some people even took to the streets via snowboard.

On the East End, reactions to Jonas seemed to be a bit more… understandable. No panicked responses, no poorly-harbored emotions. Instead? There were waves, empty trails and recognizable landmarks — all blanketed in (seemingly) soft white, all thanks to Jonas. Because Jonas is a nice guy. You can see for yourself in the photo gallery above and video below.

Today, our peanut butter banana sandwiches taste oh-so-smooth.