An Open Letter From a Man To His Wife on Why They Should Visit Montauk

Operation Save Travis

So, Travis wrote us on Instagram…

Sure, Travis.

Dear Lisa,

I went on Instagram today and thought of you. Or maybe I thought of myself but my intention, as with everything we’ve been through so far, is to be thinking of us. This gets more weird before it gets better. Hang tight.

If you’re reading this on the Whalebone Magazine website then you probably have already figured out who they are. They helped me put my words down on paper from a comment I made on their Instagram post earlier today. They have also been kind enough to outline a few ways we could possibly “have it all” with our desire to have a mix of city, ocean, and country in our lives, even on our modest young budgets.

Remember when we met in Toronto and traveled together to San Francisco. I am not sure if you know but I fell in love with the Bay Area, the mountain bikes, the 4Runners, the wetsuits and cold surf. I know your first love is NYC and I am glad we moved here a few years ago. I would do it all again without hesitation. But as much as I love the cobblestone, jazz music, history and culture I miss the outdoors and the lifestyle. Not saying we need to run naked through streams…unless that’s what you’re into these days. But I kind of get the hint that my thoughts of involving more nature can be cost-prohibitive and has become a bit of a burden and thought this might be a good tactic to help.

This is probably a good place to let you know I am not leaving you through an open public letter on a random website and that I love you and hopefully some of the adventures listed we can tackle together. You can even bring Rosé (and Dino).

One last thing, I promised these Whalebone guys and girls an invitation to our wedding and they mentioned something about having Tabasco on their table and Japancakes DJ. No idea what that means. I should probably tell them we got married already….

Love you.