What to Do When in Montauk

Photos by Alyssa Eurell

All Aboard

Much is made of Memorial Day being the kick-off to summer out East. But things really heat up when the 7:30 LIRR train pulls into Montauk Station the day before Fourth of July spilling out The Great Migration into the parking lot. The energy may hit a high, but Montauk is still its old self. Many of you might have your own lists (and go ahead and @ us and tweet @whalebonemag your favorite spots), but for some of you who are disembarking that 7:30 train for the first time, Alyssa put together this primer—a little Summer-Goers Guide to Montauk.


Where to Eat


Goldberg’s Though you probably just came out here from NYC, their bagels are insane and exactly what you need at this hour.

Joni’s has an epic morning and beach lunch menu


Ditch Witch If you find yourself at Ditch, which you definitely will. The line at the Ditch Witch may look intimidating but you’ll be more sorry if you don’t wait. Have cash ready, know your order, tip the kid at the window and order something with poke or something with sesame noodles. You’re welcome.

Happy Bowls Located in the middle of town is my daily jam.


Navy Beach you.can.actually.have.dinner.on.the.sand. end.of.story.

Crows Nest One of the few places around that’s actually worth the three-hour wait.

ShowFish Newly opened at Gurney’s Star Island by a kick ass Montauk local. Go support! Also, try the clam pizza

Westlake Fish House I love this place. It’s a solid go-to. They’ve got live music there almost every night and it has some of the best vibes in town, with the nicest restaurant owners around.

Inlet Seafood The sunsets are better when viewed from this second-story restaurant. Try the pink lady, caught that day by one of the boats crossing by the restaurant. Also, right next door you’ll find The Boneyard.

Duryea’s Possibly the best tableside views on the entire East End.

The Dock Cheap drafts, tuna melts and a long specials’ board are some highlights. Come early, and don’t be an asshole.

Option of Last Resort This makes it sound way worse than it actually is. If every restaurant you check with has a two-hour wait on Saturday night, here’s an idea for you. Pack beach blankets and beach chairs. Go down to one of the the pizza shops in town or Harvest on Fort Pond and order takeout. Have someone else in your group run to Montauk Beer and Soda or Brew Co. and pick up some road beers. Meet up at Navy Road for sunset. It’s so nice and quiet down there, lots of families hanging out having barbeques, and an ideal spot to watch the sun go down.

Where to Drink


Topside Relatively hidden gem, it’s a bit of a tourist trap, but those are always fun It has some of the best views of Montauk Harbor.

Montauket No Guide to Anywhere on Long Island would be complete without this spot.

You’ll end up here.

Liars Recommended hours are between 3–5:30 p.m. and Midnight–2 a.m. Cheapest beers in town. Coldest Mudslides around.

Crows Nest Beach Bar If you can’t get a table here (get there early) it’s always recommended you saunder your way down the hill to the beach bar for a Watermelon and Vodka.

Brew Co. Drawing a huge crowd on summer afternoons, its wise to head to the Brew Co, fill up a crowler, and drink their delicious rotating beers somewhere quieter. Not that Vaughan isn’t nice to look at. Sometimes It’s just nice to stop and smell the hops once in a while.

Here’s what you’ll really be doing

There’s tons of morning workout and yoga classes everywhere from The Sanctuary to New York Pilates Montuak Studio and many of the hotels in town, so try one of those out.

But essentially, you should spend all of your days on the beach. Somewhere between Gurneys and the Lighthouse. Any beach will do. You can even head over to the Sound. Just head either direction, north or south, until you hit water. Then park it there all day.