National Dive Bar Day, Definitely A Real Holiday, Hurdles Through Montauk in a School Bus

The Plan Came Together Quickly

July 7th was National Dive Bar Day. A real-not-at-all-made-up thing, we checked. Being the significant-historical-event enthusiasts that we are, the Whalebone Magazine crew did what anyone in our position would do when something this big comes hurdling your way like Large Marge down the Interstate—we got in and buckled up.

Instead of being stuck in some fictional characters Mack Truck, on 7/7, we found ourselves in a school bus being driven by Teo and filled with several dozen of our preferred drinking buddies like Quincy DavisPat SchmidtBalaram StackVaughan Cuttilo and many other new fans of SEAGRAM’S 7 and their ability to help bring this group and dive bars together.

We found ourselves in a school bus filled with several dozen of our preferred drinking buddies.

If a brand can invent a new real holiday about visiting dive bars and drinking 7 & 7s all night (translation: helping to support many of the bartenders and establishments that have supported Whalebone Magazine for so long) then Teo can afford to spend his birthday/wedding anniversary/birth of his first child being the world’s best chaperone.

Exactly one half of what you need for a proper 7 & 7.

Thank you SEAGRAM’S 7, Shagwong, Montauket and Steve, Sail Inn and Dottie, and the entire crew from Liar’s Saloon. See you next year…and not a moment sooner. Enjoy scrolling through the photographic evidence pictured above, and be sure to take the dive bar survey, and be on the lookout for our first ever Dive Bar Issue presented by SEAGRAM’S 7 coming in September.

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