YETI Film Tour 2020 Rolls Through Montauk

The secret of the sauce and seven short films at The Boneyard

This was not your typical BBQ—though there was plenty of that from Elliot Resnik (aka The Butcher’s Grandson) and award-winning pitmaster Matty Boudreau of Green Hill Kitchen & Que. We’d transformed the Boneyard backyard from a place to chill by the ocean, read magazines and play cornhole, into an outdoor movie theater. The occasion was Austin-based YETI hitting the Boneyard in Montauk with its Film Tour featuring a slate of seven short but incredible films.

One kick-ass movie theater.

As the sunset was giving the sky that peach glow, guests arrived welcomed by the sweet smoky smell of BBQ on the pit, and a socially distant base camp. Each base camp was outfitted with all the movie watching essentials: YETI chairs, blanket, water bottle, pair of Whalebone socks and a YETI cooler stocked to the brim with beveriginos from Montauk Brew Co., wine from Wölffer Estate, JUST Water and Sail Away Coffee.

Chef Elliot and the secret sauce.

There were a couple of secrets to come this night. The first was a secret sauce, with Chefs Elliot and Matty mixing some Solento Tequila into the BBQ sauces (and a bit more was sipped and enjoyed all on its own later in the night).

When the lights dimmed completely (aka the sun sinking under the horizon) the projector fired up and the seven films flashed across the screen—bringing outdoor adventure to that outdoor scene. Each film—including some from familiar faces like Jimmy Chin, Joshua Jackson and Geoff Rowley—showcased different perspectives from adventures around the globe. From surfing in Hawaii, climbing mountains in Nepal, or dirt track racing, to snow and ice capades, all the films highlighted the power of individuals overcoming obstacles and the resilience that goes along with fueling their passion projects.

At the end of the evening, everybody also got to take home their YETI cooler and everything in it. Oprah was not there to say, “You get a YETI and you get a YETI and you get a YETI,” but it sure felt like it.

We can’t give you a YETI for reading this, but we can share the films with you. You can learn a bit more about each film here and stream them for yourself here.