Go Wild with YETI Film Screenings at the Boneyard

YETI Film Tour: At The Boneyard

The Boneyard screening is sold out but check out the films.

There are outdoor film festivals and then there is watching outdoor adventure films outdoors in nature (ok, The Boneyard backyard—it ain’t Denali but it’s got a nice view of Gin Beach) with YETI coolers full of Brew Co.

You might think YETI is just coolers and cups and things like that, keeping things cold and keeping food away from bears. But YETI is that pal who helps us get through each camping trip, each surf break, and every adventure. Stands to reason then, YETI is also there to help those intrepid folks who carry the coolers tell their stories. Ladies and gents, YETI Presents.

Each film in the wild lineup takes us on a different journey, including—well, maybe mostly—the parts that make adventures like these so damn challenging.

If you’re the stay-at-home type, which is a lot more of us these days, you’ll have the chance to watch the wildness from the comfort of your couch if you can’t make it to the Boneyard for the screenings. Sit back, relax and get out there while staying indoors.

But if you live near, around, or in Montauk or happen to be there, you’re in luck. We are showcasing the YETI Presents film series at The Boneyard, Montauk. A ticket to attend this super limited space event comes with, as mentioned, quite the view of Gin Beach but also some other really cool things.

The night starts out with happy hour and some of the best damn BBQ on the East Coast. Food will be prepared and served by Elliott Resnik (a/k/a The Butcher’s Grandson) and Pitmaster Matty Boudreau of Green Hill Kitchen & Que, barbecue gurus and World champions of the backyard cuisine. Drinks, local eats, one of those fancy projectors and a big-ass screen, good people, a yellow dog or two, and some pretty wild action on the screen. Each RSVP ensures a safely distanced space, a YETI cooler filled with drinks, and a space stocked with blankets and chairs to make our backyard walk-in theater make the multiplex look a bit boring. To top it all off, YETI is giving 100% of proceeds from the screening to Surfrider.

YETI Film Tour 2020

Films in the Wild is a series of 7 new documentaries that bring you to different parts of the world with people who push themselves outside their comfort zones to overcome whatever life throws at them. From surfing to skiing, these films take you into the wild in up-close-and-personal ways. Remember when we told you The Boneyard was a place to read magazines? It’s also a place to watch rad films. These are what’s coming soon to The Boneyard, maybe near you. And if not near you, these are what’s coming to a screen probably in your living room, available to watch here.

Featured Films

A Prayer for Joshua Jackson

Racecar driver Josh Jackson’s dreams were almost shattered when he crashed on the track. With serious trauma to the head, he persevered, rebuilding himself from the bottom.  Watch as he prevails, taking risks to come back stronger and race toward the finish line once again.

Lean Against the Wind

How far can one woman push her limits? How many times can one woman push her limits? One paddle, 45 miles, persistent currents, and harsh winds. 13 times. Will Olympian and working-mother Lauren Spalding paddle her way through it all?

Sandbagging Jimmy Chin

Climbing connoisseur, Jimmy Chin, has almost done it all. From Everest to an Academy Award, but getting barrelled is the one thing that remains on his bucket list. Until now. Once surfers Jeff Johnson, Mark Healy, Jon Rose, and Keith and Dan Malloy heard, they made it happen. Carve along as Jimmy tackles 6-foot waves with the determination to get tubed.

Finding Ground

Professional skateboarder, Geoff Rowley, has been skating for 43 years, give or take. But he’s not always just spinning his wheels these days. The California wilderness offers other challenges but with the challenges comes peace of mind. Discover Geoff’s new escape deep in the wilderness.

Mothered by Mountains

Breaking societal norms is just the start of what Pasang Lhamu is capable of. Being told since her childhood that her place was in the home only encouraged her to get out on the mountains of Nepal. Follow her story to elevations no other woman has ever reached. The National Geographic Adventurer of the Year makes her initial ascent, and it is no light work.


Hurricane Irma had little forgiveness. Destroying almost everything in her path in St. John, she took out all but one catamaran; Kekoa. Built by brothers, Jameson and Ryan Witbeck, they work to pick through the rubbish of what their town used to be and repair the boat they originally built in an effort to restore the heart of their island.


Hard work can take you anywhere. Most wouldn’t expect it to take you from a ranch in Wyoming to professional snowboarding, unless you’re Mark Carter, as you’ll see in this short by Jimmy Chin. Turns out you can learn a lot about chasing fresh powder by chasing cows.

As appealing as your couch looks, we hope to see you at The Boneyard. It’s pretty appealing if you ask us. Space is limited for your safety.


100% of the proceeds from the screening will go to Surfrider.