Happenings at The Boneyard

Those same good friends, just on the East End.

The Boneyard. 541 East Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954. A place to read magazines. And drink coffee. And shop. And pet a dog. And listen to Ella & Louis records. And play croquet. And sign our petition for lemon-lime seltzer 12-packs (we won’t stop until it happens).

A somewhat delightful little shop out at the end of the world, with a nice backyard ideal for happy hours, sunsets, practicing your short game, and those summer nights that have you sipping an ice-cold beer without a worry in the world. The yellow dog should be there too.

Open 7 am (ish) – sunset daily, seven days a week. Or if you’d like to book an evening or day all for you and your friends, you can do that too. Boneyard is available for private event bookings for the third summer in a row, anything from birthday parties to relay races. Any sort of fiesta, really.

Hippies use the side door.

PS If you see the yellow dog on the beach, please send her back.

Here’s what’s happening when and whatnot.

Do you have a happening?

How would you like to have that happening happen in a delightful backyard? Sunsets included. And a dog. Look for a small house on a long road in Montauk. Or, just click below.

Meet the regulars.

Boxed Water on shelved at Whalebone Boneyard

Boxed Water

They say it’s better for a reason. They also say hydration is super important, so come on down to the shop to sip on some Boxed Water to get your daily intake. And not only plain water, but also flavored. We recommend the cucumber or lemon. Take that bottled water.

Now through the end of September. Hydration is key.

dip shampoo and conditioner bars for sale at the Whalebone shop on Bleecker in NYC


Sustainable and responsibly sourced hair care. Ditching plastic, Dip provides bars of shampoo and conditioner that you can use anywhere. Better for you and the environment. And they smell nice. Available at the Boneyard, well, as long as the Boneyard is open. 

Look we aren’t certain of the exact dates, but May – September seems promising.

Sunflow beach chair at the Whalebone Boneyard


Perfectly placed since Gin Beach is right around the corner. Stop in and grab a new beach chair, fully equipped with a sun shade. And a whole lot of other practical features. The beach chair we’ve been looking for.

Feel free to sit in it as long as you like. Available at the shop from now through the end of September.

YETI products at the Whalebone Boneyard


Built for the wild. And we would consider ourselves slightly wild. Depends on the day. From coolers to drink ware, you can get all you need for whatever your adventure might be. Fishing, going to the beach, sitting on the back porch.

Durable gear to keep your things cold or hot or whatever your ideal temperature might be. Now til when we close.

scribes notebooks at the whalebone shops

The Scribes

Everyone needs a notebook. The Scribes gets that. That’s why they donate a journal to a student in need with every single purchase. Think about it, you probably need a new notebook. It’s about time. And that will make one little child a rather happy one.

Not to talk about school during the summer, but pretty ideal timing for school supplies. 

Left Hand Coffee cup on amp

Left Hand Coffee

Montauk’s own, now sold at The Boneyard. Come in for a nice cup of Left Hand joe, sit on the back porch, breathe in some salty air and read a magazine or two. That’s what we’re here for. You’re new morning pit-stop.

The perfect start to your morning. Available while The Boneyard is open and operating.

Montaukila at The Boneyard


At this point, you know we love our tequila, so this time we went local. New and rather refreshing, you really can’t go wrong when you combine premium, yet laid back. We understand that a little too well.

Sips encouraged now through the end of the summer.

Windmill AC unit in window next to shelves


The warm weather is a sign of summer, yes. But The Boneyard is a little on the smaller side and it’s not really summer unless you go inside in desperate need of air conditioning. Well, good news. We finally got some quality AC thanks to Windmill. The yellow dog’s tail will definitely be wagging about this one.

Keeping us cool for the duration of the summer.

ISLE SUP boards with dog

ISLE Paddle Boards

Paddle boards for those at any level. And for everywhere. From inflatables to hard boards, ISLE has high quality SUP boards perfect for the body of water directly next to The Boneyard. Not to mention the inflatable boards make for easy storing in the winter months.

Available through the end of the summer. Grab your paddles.


We’re all hippies so you can leave your shoes at the door. Outer furniture makes being outside that much more comfortable. Grab a seat on our Outer Teak collection and odds are you will not want to get up. Pairs perfectly with a magazine and a drink. Good thing we have plenty of those.

Comfy places to sit outside, seven days a week. Rain or shine.

montauk brew co

Montauk Brew Co.

This is where the other yellow dog comes in. They’re pals, but pretty sure Skye is the bad influence that encourages Zaida to run down to the beach. We’ll have a Wave Chaser about it. Or maybe some lemonade seltzers. You can still sign our petition for 12 packs of lemon-lime seltzers though. Not sure when they’ll take the hint, but all we can do is keep drinking.

Session Goods Bongs and Pipes at Whalebone Shops

Session Goods

Good for hippies and non-hippies. Goods for the sophisticated stoner from Session will help you elevate your high. Nothing like a nice stroll on the beach after a little sesh. It’s all adding up.

Available until The Boneyard closes. Pot not included.

Outerknown brand shot - Professional Surfer Kelly Slater jumping into ocean with surfboard


From the man, the myth and the legend, Kelly Slater. Come down to the shop to browse a collection of clothing and swim wear. Pretty ideal since Gin Beach is right around the corner. Not to mention their commitment to the environment.

Available for the entirety of the summer.

man listening to Denon record player sitting on floor


We gotta have something to play all of the Ella and Louise records on. But now you can too. Come shop Denon record players and speakers to make listening to all your favorite toe-tappin’ playlists that much better.

Available from now until we close the Boneyard. Probably sometime in September.

FreeFly Apparel image - person standing on fishing boat platform casting rod

Free Fly Apparel

Dedicated to getting you outside and encouraging adventure. Plant-based and comfortable, but also functional for any and all outdoor excursions you might find yourself getting into this summer.

Come shop Free Fly now through the end of the summer.

Perfect Snacks Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter bars

Perfect Snacks

Made by a family for families. And well everyone, actually. Perfect Snacks are not only tasty, but filled with whole foods and none of those janky preservatives. Makes sense as to why they are in the fridge and not just on the shelves. Real food is good food.

Available from now until the Boneyard closes. Sometime in September.

Check back to stay updated on what’s happening at this little shop on a long road next to a big ocean. And if you ever just feel like reading a magazine or drinking on the back patio, you know where to find us. Anyone seen the dog?