Happenings at The Boneyard

Those same cool friends, just on the East End.

The Boneyard. 541 East Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954. A place to read magazines. And drink coffee. And shop. And pet a dog. And listen to Ella & Louis records. And play croquet. And sign our petition for lemon-lime seltzer 12-packs (we won’t stop until it happens).

A somewhat delightful little shop out at the end of the world, with a nice backyard ideal for happy hours, sunsets, practicing your short game, and those summer nights that have you sipping an ice-cold beer without a worry in the world. Hopefully Matt has been watering the plants.

Open 7 am (ish) – sunset daily, seven days a week. Or if you’d like to book an evening or day all for you and your friends, you can do that too. Boneyard is available for private event bookings for the second summer in a row, anything from birthday parties to relay races. Just no comedy magicians.

Hippies use the side door.

PS If you see the yellow dog on the beach, please send her back.

Here’s what’s happening when and whatnot.

sea creatures magazine drops soon

Sea Creatures Issue Launch

June 8, 2021

An entire issue about the creatures of the sea. Like the ones that can glow in the dark, the power of horseshoe crabs, people who should probably just be considered sea creatures at this point and a whole hell of a lot more about our ocean planet. Presented by Shinola.

Stop by the Boneyard, our shop on Bleecker or our flagship store on Tuthill Rd to get some exclusive deep-sea inspired merch. Things like the limited edition Sea Creatures Collector’s Box featuring a Whalebone x Shinola custom watch, Fair Harbor x Whalebone collab board shorts, Montauk Brewing Co. Sea Creatures beer, GOT Bag x Whalebone Sea Creatures Weekender Bag, and of course, the Sea Creatures Issue.

Movie night in Montauk at the Boneyard by Whalebone

Movie Night: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

June 23, 2021

A big projector type, watch it under the stars type, sip drinks and eat popcorn outside under a blanket with your pals type movie night. We’ll all be surprised if JAWS is not one of the movie options. Hooper drives the boat, chief.

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Presented by Shinola Detroit and our supporting sponsors OSEA, Purple and Surfrider, with a portion of ticket sales heading back to Surfrider.

Group of people at a beach cleanup at the Boneyard by Whalebone in Montauk

Fair Harbor Weekend Takeover

June 26 & 27, 2021

Fair Harbor is taking over Montauk. In celebration of our recent collaboration with Fair Harbor for our Sea Creatures Issue, join us for Day One of The Fair Harbor Weekend Takeover with our friends OSEA as we team up to clean up Gin Beach, and then celebrate that fresh and clean feeling with a happy hour at The Boneyard.

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Then come out for Day Two of Fair Harbor’s Montauk Takeover Weekend as we wind down with a yoga session at The Boneyard lead by the one and only Sarrah Strimmel—coffee and light-sips to follow.

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Presented by our supporting sponsor OSEA.

Product shot of Baileys Light Liquer and a prepared coffee drink in a glass.

Light Saturday Mornings

10 am to 1 pm on July 10, July 24, August 7, August 14, & August 21

Saturdays are best started with something light. Like maybe some (damn) good yoga. Or a sweet caffeinated drink. Thanks to Baileys, you can do both. They’re hosting a few morning mixers in the backyard and you’ll get to sample their new, lighter, Bailey’s liqueur. (Our recommendation is to pair it with a Sail Away Coffee cold brew.)

For a post-yoga experience, sign up for a class →

If pre-brunch is your MO, just swing by and say hi.

Movie Night: Jaws

July 14, 2021

A good thing to note…there’s quite a selection of aquatic animal-based movies out there. Maybe we’ll throw you for a loop and put on Sharknado. It’s Weather Issue meets Sea Creatures Issue? That should be fun.

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Presented by Shinola Detroit and our supporting sponsors OSEA, Purple and Surfrider, with a portion of ticket sales heading back to Surfrider.

Movie night in Montauk at the Boneyard by Whalebone

Movie Night: The Meg

August 4, 2021

Even though the Ocean’s movies aren’t about sea creatures, they could still be in the running. That or The Little Mermaid, depends on the crowd.

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Presented by Shinola Detroit and our supporting sponsors OSEA, Purple and Surfrider, with a portion of ticket sales heading back to Surfrider.

Group of people at a beach cleanup at the Boneyard by Whalebone in Montauk

cinder + salt Beach Cleanup

August 21, 2021

A pretty good way to help the environment is to pick up the trash that litters it. Join us for a day of cleaning up our favorite place. The dog is really excited about this one.

Do you have a happening?

How would you like to have that happening happen in a delightful backyard? Sunsets included. And a dog. Look for a small house on a long road in Montauk. Or, just click below.

Meet the regulars.

Outer ourdoor furniture


The official outdoor furniture partner of Whalebone.

We’re all hippies so you can leave your shoes at the door. Outer furniture makes being outside that much more comfortable. Grab a seat on our Outer Teak collection and odds are you will not want to get up. Pairs perfectly with a magazine and a drink. Good thing we have plenty of those.

Comfy places to sit outside, seven days a week. Rain or shine.

Shinola Detroit watch


Our friends behind the Sea Creatures Issue. Come by to get your hands on the Sea Creatures Collection, including a collab Whalebone x Shinola diver’s watch along with some other sustainably sourced and ocean-friendly goods. Grab an issue and stay awhile. You’ve got a brand new watch.

Launching June 8th, limited collab merch available. Come by land or sea.

Ansea swimwear


Calling all women of the water. And even if you aren’t a salt-water lady, you might be more inclined after seeing this big collection of bathing suits, wetsuits, and other sustainably created clothing. Made by women, for women. Available at the Boneyard, well, as long as the Boneyard is open. 

Look we aren’t certain of the exact dates, but May – September seems promising.

the palm rose

The Palm Rosé by Whispering Angel

We like folks that can get along with everything. We feel the same way about wine. Rose is one of those wines you can have with anything. You can even make cocktails with it. Alcohol that even pairs with other alcohol. Look how far we’ve come. All the sommeliers we know would be so proud. Maybe.

out east eyewear

Out East Eyewear

Plant-based sunglasses. Back from their little staycation at the Bleecker Street Shop, they return home to the good old East End. Come on in and try ‘em on. You’ll never know if you like them if you don’t. With free sunshine for you to test them out with. Considering it’s sunny that day. 

Available from May – September, even when it’s not that sunny.

dos hombres mezcl

Dos Hombres Mezcal

If you don’t drink liquor that is made in an earth pit with lava rocks, then you aren’t a hippie. So that means you can use the front door. But after you take a sip or two of Dos Hombres Mezcal, you get access to the side door, ya tree hugger.

sail away coffee

Sail Away Coffee

Some of the smoothest cold brew you’ll ever drink. Like we said, the Boneyard is a good place to drink coffee. Really smooth, ready-to-go cold brew. And nitro coffee to really get your going. Nothing like an afternoon pick-me-up.

The perfect start to your morning. Every morning. From May – September.

ninabee jewelry

NinaBee Jewelry

You may recognize this city-native brand from our shop on Bleecker Street. Time to show Montauk what they’ve been missing. Come by and support small businesses and get yourself something nice. Or you could buy it for us, that’d also be pretty nice. 

Available from May – September unless we change our minds about the dates.

21 seeds tequila

21 Seeds

Look, we really like tequila. It’s never a bad time. We also really like supporting businesses that are female owned and operated. Things might get a little sweet or a little spicy. Because why mix things like fruit and jalapeño into a cocktail, when you can infuse them directly into the tequila?

eightysix straws

eightysix straws

Our favorite type of grass. Well, with some exceptions. A straw that actually benefits the environment and is literally grown in the ground. We should’ve looked to nature for our beverage-sipping convenience in the first place. Functional and sustainable straws. Perfect for all the drink options we’ve got going on.

Available while the Boneyard’s up and running. And for longer than that if you stock up.

montauk brew co

Montauk Brew Co.

This is where the other yellow dog comes in. They’re pals, but pretty sure Skye is the bad influence that encourages Zaida to run down to the beach. We’ll have a Wave Chaser about it. Or maybe some lemonade seltzers. You can still sign our petition for 12 packs of lemon-lime seltzers though. Not sure when they’ll take the hint, but all we can do is keep drinking.

cool cabanas


The official cabana partner of Whalebone

Everyone prefers a tent at the beach until they realize they have to set it up. Good news is, our friends over at CoolCabanas took the frustration out of the equation. Protected skin, shade for everyone and an easy, one person set up. Too good to be true, we know.

Available as long as someone is there to work. We’re taking resumes.

the pale

The Pale Rosé

Nothing like drinking rosé at a nice soirée. And what better place for a soirée than the Boneyard. Defined as an evening gathering, usually in a private space for conversation and music. And let’s not forget about Ella & Louis. This all seems like a pretty good idea to us. We’ll be there regardless.

lido beach chairs

Lido Beach Chairs

A chair, a cooler, and a beach bag all in one. Why couldn’t we come up with something like this? Not to mention it has backpack straps so you don’t have to awkwardly try and carry it with everything else you lug to the beach while you have sand all up in your flip flops. Preventing people from looking like kooks one chair at a time

Available even on the days that aren’t ideal for the beach.

lose sundays tequila

Los Sundays

You really can’t go wrong with Tequila. Ever. Sundays seem ideal for drinking tequila, but so do Tuesday and Friday and, well, we could list out a couple more days that are fit for the task at hand, but you get the idea. Good thing the Boneyard is open seven days a week. We’ll bring the limes.

fair harbo

Fair Harbor

Who doesn’t love the beach? We know the dog does. But even she doesn’t like to see trash all over the place. Good thing for our friends at Fair Harbor. They upcycle ocean plastics and turn them into swim trunks. More than seven million bottles so far as a matter of fact.

Whalebone x Fair Harbor collab board shorts made from ocean plastics available for purchase until we’re closed for good, really.

rias baixas albarino

Rías Baixas Albariño

You can’t beat a good grape. Well, actually maybe you can if that grape is the Albariño grape and you work some magic and turn it into wine. Which is exactly what these fine folks did. Seems like an ideal drink for a summer evening spent on the back patio of the Boneyard. Just a suggestion.

cinder + salt

cinder + salt

Clothes you won’t feel bad about wearing. Zero-waste apparel making sustainable living something that’s achievable and enjoyable. Not to mention the hand-drawn sea creatures that are printed on the clothes. If you need a plus one to any wedding coming up, we’re available and we will most certainly be wearing the hammerhead shark tie.

The Scribes

Everyone needs a notebook. The Scribes gets that. That’s why they donate a journal to a student in need with every single purchase. Think about it, you probably need a new notebook. It’s about time. And that will make one little child a rather happy one.

Not to talk about school during the summer, but pretty ideal timing for school supplies. 

the long drink

The Long Drink

Sometimes days can be long. Weeks even longer. We get you. Delight comes in all shapes and sizes, and this one comes in a can. Maybe beer isn’t your cup of tea. But perhaps a canned gin cocktail will strike your fancy. We really appreciate the Finns for this one. Kippis!

solento organic tequila

Solento Organic Tequila

When your friends decide to make tequila. We’ve got a whole list of taste testers, found inside the table of contents in any issue of Whalebone Magazine. And the folks at Solento like to take things slow. Same, man. What’s the rush?


Safe, effective skincare since 1996. For over 25 years OSEA has been committed to creating clean, vegan skincare that is safe for you, our oceans, and the planet. Drawing inspiration from the Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere, OSEA was created with a singular intention in mind – to deliver your skin the highest quality naturally derived ingredients for powerful results.

Whalebone Gear

Did you really go to the Boneyard if you didn’t get something Whalebone? Super comfy clothes for every occasion. Well, maybe not a black-tie occasion, but if you have one of those on the calendar we can probably make something work. If that occasion is a wedding, we’re available that day. 

All we’ve got are options.

Check back to stay updated on what’s happening at this little shop on a long road next to a big ocean. And if you ever just feel like reading a magazine or drinking on the back patio, you know where to find us. Anyone seen the dog?

**Operating at limited capacity. Face coverings required**