Happenings at the Whalebone Shop on Bleecker

We’re pretty lucky to have some pretty cool friends

So, as you know—or now know—the Whalebone Shop on Bleecker Street is up and running and though it may not be a library or that one insanely comfortable pop-up shop anymore, it’s alive and well and still at 328 Bleecker Street and there are a lot of new things in store. Literally.

You’ll recognize some old familiar friends if you’ve been through the shop in any of its past incarnations. There was no chance we were getting rid of that pool table. And there are few new friends and goings-on to tell you about.

The fine fellows at Accidentally Wes Anderson will continue to pop-up with copies of Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Book on offer and other fun and shenanigans. And where there once was a hot chocolate stand, you will find Whalebone’s Montauk Brew Co. Outpost To-Go and a freezer full of NadaMoo! vegan ice cream. Up to you if you want them paired together. Ridiculously soft apparel, drinks, absolutely no moos, some handy-dandy and rather fancy notebooks, really good beer, maybe a yellow dog or two, grass straws, coffee, some pretty rad people, and probably a bunch of other things that should be included in this list. We get by with a little help from our friends, and we may or may not get high with a little help from our friends.

See you at the billiards table.

Here’s what’s happening and when and whatnot

The Whalebone x Shinola Limited Edition Sea Creatures Collector’s Box

It’s about time. A watch made from ocean plastics. Only a few made as part of the new Sea Creatures collection from Whalebone x Shinola. Good for ocean dwellers and non-ocean dwellers. A purchase that will make a difference, helping less plastic find its way to the oceans and allowing more sea creatures to do their thing.

Inside the Box
Limited Edition Shinola x Whalebone Sea Creatures Watch
The Sea Creatures Issue of Whalebone Magazine
Ocean artist series limited-edition signed print by Kallie Martin

A seaworthy collaboration

Available while supplies last. And those supplies are pretty pretty pretty limited. Can’t make it to Bleecker? Shop the collection online. The internet is a cool thing, isn’t it?

Happy Hour(s) at Bleecker Street

One hour is simply not enough. Neither is one day. Come on down for some good company, good music, and a fine selection of adult beverages. Montauk Brew Co. beer and seltzers and Rías Baixas Albariño. Hence the need for multiple hours.

A six hour tour

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm – 6pm(ish). Please remind Matt to water the plants.


Ice cream is one of those things that seems to put you in a better mood every time you eat it. Makes sense as to why Matt is always so damn jovial. Unless he’s stuck in the freezer. That’s only happened a few times though. Plant-based pints of ice cream. All different flavors, all in one spot. Grab a spoon and get comfy. Pairs perfectly with the Interview Issue of Whalebone Magazine which so happens to be presented by NadaMoo! 

Ice Cream Pints

Not a lot goes better with reading magazines than vegan ice cream. Limited-edition flavors, a lot of sprinkles, a pretty awesome magazine, and not a single moo.

Available now through the end of 2021. 

Limited Edition Interview Issue Capsule Collection

Still available is the limited-edition Interview Issue capsule collection from Whalebone x NadaMoo!  Some pretty cool collab merch, like a hand tie-dyed sweatshirt and a beanie with sprinkles. Don’t forget the ice cream.

Purchases online here.

Sail Away Coffee

The afternoon pick-me-up you’ve been missing. The smoothest ready-to-go cold brew you can find. Nitro coffee and new limited edition flavors available at the Shop on Bleecker. Get your fuel.

Cold Clean Bean Juice

Available now through the end of 2021. You found your new coffee spot.

Eightysix Straws

Plastic straws suck. We all know that, but paper straws also suck. Good thing Eightysix Straws are made from grass. Yep. Grass. No you can’t smoke them—it’s not that kind of grass but it’s 100% natural and sustainable and they don’t disintegrate in whatever beverage you may be sipping on while working on your Chippo game. Available for purchase and used in any to-go drink that might strike your fancy in the Shop on Bleecker. Ever had a Montauk Brew Co. seltzer through a straw? Now’s the time. The turtles will love you for it.

Grass Straws

Available now through the rest of 2021.

The Scribes Notebooks

We all need a handy-dandy notebook. And why not make that notebook a fancy one? The Scribes luxury notebooks make you feel like a professional. One better, they make others feel like professionals. Scribes donates a journal to a child in need every time a journal is purchased. That’s pretty nice. They’ve already donated more than 7,500 journals and you have the power to add another one to that list. 

A Whalebone Journal

Scribes journals are super nice,  but we thought they would look even nicer with our logo on them. Maybe we’re biased. Collab journals and regular journals available now. Both are good, and both will help out a student in need. 

Out East Eyewear

Sunglasses can say a lot about a person. Come on in and try ’em on, find out which style is right for you. Plant-based sunnies. Perfect for strutting down Bleecker Street after a couple samples of Whiskey. No one will know. 

Block the haters

Sunglasses available now through the end of summer.


The official cabana partner of Whalebone

There’s not much that is more frustrating than getting to the beach and trying to recruit help to set up the big tent you lugged all the way out there. Shade is vital, we get it. And so do our pals at CoolCabanas who took the frustration out of the beach trip. An easy set up that requires only one person. Unheard of. Come get the shade you’ve been looking for. We even have instructions.

A One-Man Show

Cabanas and lower anxiety levels available now through the end of September.

Check back to stay updated on the happenings at the Whalebone Shop on Bleecker Street. Who knows, maybe Mark Hoppus will come sing to us about all the small things while shopping the small business selection. Little surprises let us know he cares. See you at the shop.

**Operating at limited capacity. Face coverings required**