Happenings at Whalebone on Bleecker

We’re pretty lucky to have some pretty cool friends

So, as you know—or now know—the Whalebone Shop on Bleecker Street is up and running and though it may not be a library or that one insanely comfortable pop-up shop anymore, it’s alive and well and still at 328 Bleecker Street and there are a lot of new things in store. Literally.

You’ll recognize some old familiar friends if you’ve been through the shop in any of its past incarnations. And there are few new friends and goings-on to tell you about.

Good news, we’ve got some pretty exciting things in the works. The Surf Issue has dropped in, with a lovely capsule collection in that nice shade of blue. We have the same friends in store and some new friends in store. And likely plants that need water. If you’re there, just ask Matt for the watering can. He probably forgot again. We get by with a little help from our friends and we may or may not get high with a little help from our friends.

Whalebone Shop on Bleecker Magazine Table and Interior

Here’s what’s happening when and whatnot.

Erica Read Photography Spotlight

August 3, 2022 | 6pm-8pm

Our friend and photographer Erica Reade will be taking over our NYC shop for the month of August. To celebrate her newest book Beach Lovers, we will be hosting a little launch party with our friends on Wednesday, August 3rd. Admire the walls, sip a cocktail or two and grab a copy of Beach Lovers. That’s the plan, Stan. Super limited-edition prints available too.

Do you have a happening?

How would you like to have that happening happen in a delightful place in NYC? Drinks included. And a record player. Look for our spot in the West Village on the corner of Bleecker and Christopher St. Or, just click below..

The ususal suspects:

The Surf Issue Capsule Collection

Surf Issue Capsule Collection at the Whalebone Shop on Bleecker

Mahalo, you fucking surfers. The Surf Issue of Whalebone Magazine, guest edited by Momentum Generation, has hit the shop along with a nice collection of blue-hued quality goods.

Can’t make it to the shop? Good thing for the internet. Get your copy here.

Dip Premium Haircare

dip shampoo and conditioner bars for sale at the Whalebone shop on Bleecker in NYC

Sustainable, responsibly sourced hair care. Dip ditched the plastic and provides bars of shampoo and conditioner that are better for you and the environment. Seems like a pretty ideal win-win to us. Also, we can vouch that all of the scents smell damn good. Just dip already, will ya?

Fresh hair, don’t care

Take some home with you. You’ll smell nice and you can feel good about your purchase and your hair routine. Available through the end of the year.

Session Goods

Session Goods Bongs and Pipes at Whalebone Shops

We already told you we may or may not get high with our friends. Maybe the fact we have Session Goods at the shop will help you draw a conclusion on that statement. Making your smoke sesh an elevated one. Don’t believe us? Ask our associate editor.

Sleek, yet stoned

Bongs, pipes and toking accessories available for the entirety of 2022. Come on down and make your day a little better you hippie. Pot not included.


Aventon at Bleecker

Not just your average bike. But a high quality, high performance electric bike. Suck on that, training wheels. Aventon bikes make it easy to go, do and be wherever and whoever you feel like. Come on into the shop and try one out. Probably easiest to ride in the road and not actually in the shop though.

Easily and freely

Drop into the shop and try one out now through Labor Day.


Windmill AC unit in window next to shelves

So you may have walked into the shop before and thought something along the lines of damn, it’s really hot in here. And it was. But thanks to our friends at Windmill, we now have fully functional AC. A true luxury. Their entire mission is to keep you cool and comfortable, while also not being terrible for the environment. A solid win-win.

As cool as they come

Keeping the Bleecker Shop cool until the end of the summer.

Out East Eyewear

Sunglasses can say a lot about a person. Come on in and try ’em on, find out which style is right for you. Plant-based sunnies. Perfect for strutting down Bleecker Street after a couple samples of whatever we’re serving. No one will know. 

Block the haters

Best part is, they offer a pretty rad replacement policy. Sunglasses available now through the end of the year.


Montaukila at The Boneyard

At this point, you know we love our tequila, so this time we went local to our roots with Montaukila. New and rather refreshing, you really can’t go wrong when you combine premium, yet laid back. We understand that a little too well.

Taste Montauk in the City

Sips encouraged now through Labor Day.

Frolic + Detour

Frolic and Detour matching sets on man and woman in jungle

Looking great never felt so good. Inspired by 50s and 60s poolside fashion, F+D updated the classic terry cloth cabana suit in their super comfy and eco-friendly fabric. No need to sacrifice style for comfort.

Seriously Relaxed

Easy to throw on but impossible to take off, this just might be your new summer uniform. Available at the shop now through the end of summer.

Little Saints

Little Saints CBD Mocktail Paloma and Moscow Mule cheersing by disco ball

Plants Matt doesn’t have to worry about keeping alive. Come on in for some thirst-quenching plant magic from Little Saints. Women-owned CBD mocktails that will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed, giving you holistic ingredients instead of a hangover. Come on in and take a sip.

Pour some plant magic

Premium CBD mocktails available to boost your mood now through the end of 2022.

Check back to stay updated on the happenings at the Whalebone Shop on Bleecker Street. Who knows, maybe Mark Hoppus will come sing to us about all the small things while shopping the small business selection. Little surprises let us know he cares. See you at the shop.