WTRMLN WTR Just Decided That You Deserve a Weekend in Montauk

Today is National Watermelon Day. There’s a couple way you can earn your participation points. You could read the tasty fruit’s entire Wikipedia Page from top to bottom (including this glorious painting from 1917). We don’t suggest that. We could Google “watermelon jokes” and tell them to people hanging out in the fruit section at your local grocery. We don’t suggest that either.

What we do suggest, is that you enter WTRMLN WTR‘s Montauk giveaway. Peep the ridiculously awesome prize package below, take a deep breath, and then enter to win the whole shebang over here.

  • 1 Room at the Surf Lodge
  • 2 Round-trip LIRR train tickets
  • 1 Baggu Weekender Tote Bag
  • $250 credit for bikini.com
  • 1 Magic carpet yoga mat
  • 2 tickets to a WTRMLN WTR Fit and the Farm workout at Bhumi Farms
  • 1 WTRMLN WTR cooler tote bag
  • 1 Watermelon beach towel
  • 1 ‘Swell WTR Bottle
  • Whalebone summer merchandise
  • Cynthia Rowley wetsuit and beach essentials

Read more about the watermelon water + the entire alternate hydration movement over here.