An Uncomfortable Holiday Moment: The Incident of the Unexpected Guest

We Asked Vaughan Cutillo from Montauk Brew Co for his Most Uncomfortable Holiday Moment

To say that things don’t always go smoothly at family gatherings is really doing a disservice to the fine art of understatement. We’ve all had our moments of discomfort during the holidays. Whalebone will continue to share some of our friends’ most cringe moments. But we aren’t leaving you out. Share yours with us at @whalebonemagazine. And who knows? We may pick some of you who share your uncomfortable moments and there might be something in it for you from Allbirds to keep you much more comfortable this holiday season.

Vaughan responded with this video


There’s even more to this story.

Now, you might know that Allbirds and Whalebone recently got together to create a cookbook of holiday comfort foods with recipes contributed by friends and fans. Careful observers will also note there is a recipe in the cookbook from Vaughan Cutillo, himself (well, it’s his dad recipe, really) that you can read about in the book and learn to make. Even more careful observers of this space will also note that Vaughan’s Cousin Eddie also has a recipe in the book.

You can find “Holiday Comfort: A Cookbook” only at The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up and