Summer of Brew Co. 2022

Montauk Brewing Company Ocean Series Box

For Whalebone, the official conch call of summer is the “kssttttt” of a frosty Montauk Brew Co. beer, lemonade or seltzer (we prefer a lemon-lime but maybe you already knew that). And with summer quickly approaching it’s time to check in with our friends over at the brewery to see what we’ll be tapping into this year. You see beers have taps, but it also means to “get into” conversationally—so that phrase works two ways. Anyway, Vaughan was kind enough to give us a glimpse into the warm-weather lineup. And of course, the ole-reliables will be here for you too—never unloyal to a Watermelon Session. First thing up…

Montauk Brew Co. Brew Barn The Surf Beer

Montauk Brew Co. X Whalebone: The Surf Beer. 

Montauk Brew Co. is proud to release a very special brew alongside their friends at Whalebone. The Surf Beer is a Mexican-Style Lager that has been in the works for some time. If you’re looking for a light-bodied delicious brew to enjoy after a surf with your best friends, look no further.

You might be craving it when: That layer of salt is so caked on your skin that it feels like it’s down to your bones. Or maybe with dinner. Or fresh off the beach.

Montauk Brew Co Ocean Series Imperial IPA

The Ocean Series

Inspired by the majesty of the ocean, MBC proudly introduces you to the Montauk OCEAN SERIES Imperial IPA. Brewed with Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops and checking in at 9% ABV, this beer is all about complex and rich flavors with bold hop character. Look out for the ultra-premium and highly flavorful OCEAN SERIES DDH Double IPA and Imperial IPA six-packs in stores by the end of this month.  The dark packaging marks the first departure from their brightly colored six packs, but continues to focus on the nautical theme.

You might be craving this when: You’re feeling bold and adventurous and in the mood for something new from Montauk Brew Co. HIGH HOPS + DEEP VIBES will be a whole vibe from here on out.

Montauk Brewing Company Brew Barn Series May Flowers Beer

May Flowers

May Flowers IPA was brewed with Mosaic hops and checks in at 6% ABV. This limited edition beer will be rolling off the canning line on May 26th. It’s a sign that summer is right around the corner and you can dust off the old bathing suit.

You might be craving this when: The birds are chirping and there’s a light rain falling on your garden, or something… It’s a delicious beer meant for springtime sipping.

Montauk invites you to Come As You Are and celebrate the no-frills good life with them at the red Brew Barn, located just steps from the surf—right where it belongs at 62 South Erie Avenue in downtown Montauk.