A Quite Comforting Cookbook

Out this November. Just when you need it most.

In a season that’s seemingly all about cooking and eating, don’t you wish there were a recipe to overcome the holidays most uncomfortable moments? The answer is yes. When you need such a recipe, we’ve learned, ask Oprah. So we did. In fact, we got together with Allbirds to create an entire cookbook of comfort food cures. Oprah’s answer is in there. We asked some other folks who know their way around a kitchen a lot better than we do, including, besides Oprah, David Chang, Vaughan from Montauk Brew Co., Camilla Marcus, Jack Johnson, Matthew McConaughey, Eduardo Garcia, Buddy the Elf, Benji Weatherly, and a whole slew of talented good people, chefs, restaurateurs and bakers, to tell us about the foods they find comfort in and share how to make the dishes (and a few drinks, too, because constant probing about your relationship status goes down a lot easier with a little bourbon).

Oprah’s answer is in there.

Now sure, there’s a kind of comfort in eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s with a wooden spoon while standing in front of the freezer, but these recipes are mostly ones that will also make you feel good about preparing and eating them, because we’ve used whole and sustainable ingredients where we can and have more than a few plant-based recipes (shhh, don’t tell Cousin Eddie his Eggnog is vegan).

Only at the World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up

The hardback limited-edition book will be available only at The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up at 326 Bleecker Street in New York City and from shopwhalebone.com. Out this November, just when you need it.

It also might just make the perfect present paired with a pair of comfy Allbirds.

A Comforting Cookbook

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