Nice Cans: Montauk Brew Co. Design Contest Winners

So, Montauk Brewing Co. had a can-design contest and received approximately 5 million entries from creatives and graphic designers and dogs with crayons.

Okay maybe not 5 million but close to that. The contest was also to name the beer and design the can. The winner is having their idea created. In real life. Like an actual beer and they named it and designed the can that then one day they will push a key into and hold aloft and shotgun on a golf course or something. And they took home some cash. Not a bad return for an investment in a box of crayons.

In addition to getting to use that cool little sharpener thing attached to the back of the Crayola box, another thing those folks got to exercise was maybe some creative muscles that have been atrophied by four months of watching “Tiger King,” “The Office” for the 50th time and, apparently, Polish porn. MBC really had no lack of cool can designs and some people who do some pretty snazzy looking stuff already hang around the building. Ask Brew Co. Founder Vaughan Cutillo why the company did this and he says, “It wasn’t about the design. It was an opportunity to give our fans who were cooped up inside a way to release some creativity into the world. We were just lucky enough to be the instigator.”

Let’s take a look at what they instigated.

These are the winners and why the Brew Co. team liked ’em.

Second Runner Up

“Hammer Time” by Clare Finnican (@claredoescare)
Why MBC loved it: “Perspective and medium. Watercolor of sharks from below was a standout with the team.”


First Runner Up

“Mystery of the Sea” by Nick Mangia (@nickmangia)
Why MBC loved it: “The color was incredibly appealing and hid a story across the entire can. Like the depths of the sea, sometimes you have to really search for what lies below.”

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Lighthouse IPA by Katelin Kasten (@katykasten)
Why MBC loved it: “This one stood out to everyone on the team as not only a truly local landmark, but one that had never really been done before. SUPER creative limited-edition four-pack set. We had to bring this one to life. Each 4 pack will consist of 1 of each section of the lighthouse, and Katy is currently designing a fourth can of the entire lighthouse on a single can.”

Honorable mentions: (in no particular order)

– Sundown India Pale Ale by Julie Gundersen
– Brewery Dog IPA by Hannak Walkonen
– Hither Pils by @Southshoreartandprints
– Crayon zig zag by Patrick Goodwin and kids
– Adventure IPA by Nicole Sgroi
– The Blitz by Jess Dalene
– Ditch Plains IPA by Nicole Gargano
– 7 O’Clock Session by Alex Ratcliff
– Beach Cruise Sour by Erik Acevedo
– Head East by Madison Wienckowski
– Board Room IPA by Lainey Dubinsky
– Retro Riptide by Bryan O’Reilly
– Moon Jelly by Jackie Friedlander
– Sundown IPA by Julie Gunderson
– Wave by Nicole Hassell

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