Zaida Interviews Skydog

Eddie’s best friend Zaida talks treats, rhymes and life with Vaughan’s best friend Sky

Illustrated by Em The Creative

The yellow dog that hangs around The Boneyard, Zaida, goes way back with the yellow dog that hangs around the Montauk Brew Co. taproom, Sky. We did not even know dogs could use computers before today. Hopefully, you learn something new, too.

Zaida: Thank you for doing this. To get started, there had to be days you spent before the man came into your life. How was that?

Sky: It’s funny you should say that, and I am a firm believer in reincarnation and have been thinking about this a lot lately, so, you know, but I feel like I am connected to Russia and more specifically the Russian circus. To be precise, anytime I go on the computer I find myself looking up the term “Russian diving dogs.” Are you familiar? These incredibly beautiful animals would leap off a 60-or-so-foot-tall diving board into a deep pool in front of boisterous crowds. It turns out that they did this nightly, acting on their own desires and ancient rituals and less for the audience delight, they would dive down in the water until they found a rock at the bottom of the pool then they’d bring that rock to the surface and repeat the process until the show was over. I’ve always been amazed by these creatures and think I might have previously been in the Russian circus.

Zaida: Sooo I meant what was life like as a puppy growing up but, okay. Moving on, what’s the best thing about being a dog with the rise in social media over the last decade?

Sky: Do you ever look up at the night sky and wonder who is looking back at you? It often feels like that. A big space filled with energy and lights and you are spinning around not knowing what to expect but trying to live in the moment and breathe.

Zaida: That also really didn’t answer the question. Okay, let’s try something else. What is your favorite treat?

Sky: One of the most fundamental things I do each morning is to think about my environment around me and what message it is trying to send me. Then I usually have an avocado.

Zaida: You have an avocado? That’s your favorite treat?

Sky: You might want to really consider releasing the confinements that society is placing on you as a dog. There’s a new book out, How To Have It All And Then Have More. I myself don’t know how to read fully but even the thought of the book, just reading the title, has me in better tune with the moon.

Zaida: Are you fucking high right now?

Sky: Breathwork and sunrises don’t define who I am. Yes, I watch the sunrise every morning. Yes, I breathe nonstop pretty much all day, every day unless the man gives me a koozie to chew on. But I am more than skin and bones and hair. There’s a force happening.

Zaida: Why don’t you just plug your life coach website and let’s get this over with?

Sky: Anyone looking for a new best friend and way out of your stuck way of thinking may contact me directly through @montaukbrewco or any one of my sisters or brothers from ARF would gladly come to your home and live with you.

Zaida: Wonderful.