The Good Ol’ Blessing

Today, Sunday June 14, at 5 p.m., the Blessing of The Fleet will take place in Montauk. Every year, the town orchestrates a mass blessing at the end of the Town Dock as priests aboard the USCG Cutter RIDLEY bless the fleet for the upcoming year of fishing.

Oh Bro Blessing

Oh Brother Blessing of the Fleet 2011

Boats line up in the Lake and pass by to receive a blessing from local clergymen as they leave the inlet for joy ride. We must say, although the Blessing is always something we enjoy and value for the safety of the fleet, it used to be a lot different.

The Anna Mary photo by

The Anna Mary photo by

There used to be a tradition where a huge water balloon fight between the boats in the fleet would take place. The water balloon fight will always be a part of the Blessing’s legacy, but over the years the town police have made laws more strict to crack down on the fight. For years, the Blessing was an all day affair of filling water balloons and boozing in celebration of another safe year for the boats. Which is probably (definitely) why they cracked down on it, but hey we still miss it.


Brian Pfund and Bill Collins ready for battle, photo by

There are always a few people who try and keep the legacy alive, and we will see who that will be this year. Regardless of the balloon fight though, the after party usually takes place at Liar’s Saloon, which will happen again this year. So hop on a friends boat, head down to the town dock and enjoy it! We’ll see you at Liar’s after!

Cheers to another safe year for our fleet!