The Baddest Off-Road RV

Sportsmobile Classic RV

We’ve got two words for you: Adventure. Van.

When reviewing dozens of RVs, campers and space station escape pods for the Wilderness Issue of Whalebone Magazine the crew covered many, many parking lots filled with some of America’s finest manufacturing. When we came across the Sportmobile Classic it had an elemental attraction normally reserved for animals in the desert that do not have much time to live and need to do one thing before they are done.

What’s that?

Just pack your shit and get out there. There’s a whole world to see and this lifted 4×4 van wants to get you there. Doesn’t it look ready to pounce? Comes outfitted with a twin sized mattress, cook-top, portable outdoor shower hose, cargo roof-rack, a fixed ladder leading the way to rooftop views, and a no-bullshit attitude.

Are we saying this RV will make you some sort of atavistic throwback? Maybe. But one thing is certain—from Boston to Baja, this is the ride you want to take you there.

Here are the full specs:

  • Name: Sportsmobile Classic
  • Year: 2008
  • Price: $42,500
  • Mileage: 24,207
  • Seating for five
  • Sleeps four but just your dog would be more than enough company

Add one to your fleet of ridiculous trucks here.