The JuneShine x Whalebone Guide to Essential Summer Gear

Summer 2020 might have slightly deviated from regularly scheduled programming, but it looks like most of us still found a way to get out of our lounge-wear and into, at least, our backyard.

Before the days become noticeably shorter, we were curious how a few folks we like very much like to spend their days in the sun and the gear that fuels their summer fun. Things you might expect to find them doing are various ways to put yourself in water, rolling down steep things, and taking photographs with vintage cameras.

We asked a few JuneShine fans what are the things they need for summer adventure and which trusty can of Hard Kombucha are they reaching for.

Hunter Jones

Surfer, video editor, WSL commentator, and Kelly Slater’s favorite ever Bachelorette contestant.

NAKTO Mini Cruiser: An electric bike that can literally do it all. All-terrain, long-lasting battery, and some serious safety features. An efficient way to get anywhere. Hunter says, “I’ve been loving taking afternoon rides on My mini-cruiser this summer. I’ve got it set up with a surfboard rack, phone mount and everything. Pair that with my favorite summer board, the Earth Technologies Pool Ninja and a Hopical citrus JuneShine… you’re truly living large.”

Earth Technologies Pool Ninja:  Sustainably designed, using all recycled materials for a zero waste output, and shaped specifically for all the new wave pools popping up around the country. No beach, no problem. Get yourself one of these and you can carve away on endless waves.

JuneShine Hopical Citrus: Also known as paradise in a can.  The perfect summer drink for that island-time vibe, even when you are in your apartment.

Vivian Kim

Photographer and director capturing life’s beautiful, little moments.

Sunshine Pendant by Zoe Morton: Sustainably made handcrafted jewelry, the perfect addition to any sundress, bikini, or anything else anyone (she does men and women’s custom jewelry) wears on a summer day or when they want to feel the vibe. Viv says, “It just feels like wearing summer on my neck.”

Kinfield Cooling Aloe Spray: Like a glass of ice water for your skin. Cooling with aloe and cucumber, relax your sun-kissed skin when you got a bit too much sun so you can get back outside the next day and the next day and… well you get the idea.

JuneShine 100 Pineapple Orange: A lighter version of their signature hard kombucha, but still packed with flavor. Only 100 calories per can. Can’t complain there.

Adam Walker

Founder of The Sunday Spins, a down-to-earth vinyl and ocean-loving guy based in Huntington Beach CA, who grooves to his records each and every Sunday with an open invitation.

Yucca Ultra Soft Swim Fins: Lightweight with a ton of flex. “These are my jam. I live in summer surf central… so escaping crowds is a must, if you want to stay sane all season. Being able to bodysurf, ride belly boards or surfmats for hours on end is made possible with these buttery soft fins. I’ve worn a lot in my ocean days, but these Yucca jammers are without question the best I’ve ever worn.”

Speaqua Vibe Speaker: Adam says, “The perfect speaker doesn’t exi…. WRONG. Hands down, the most bad-ass, boombastic Bluetooth speaker. Maybe ever. Versatile and portable as all hell. Oh, and they’re 100% waterproof and submersible.”

Caddis ‘Miklos’ Readers: Blue light-blocking glasses that are durable, functional and comfortable. They have the summer feel year-round, with “port” and “starboard” engraved on the left and right. Boat things. Adam says: “Despite many attempts, I am getting older. Woof. Thankfully, aging gracefully is made easy with these bad chickens. The Zeros block blue light beams from my phone or laptop (which I seem to stare at all too often). I dig the feel, the frame and the peace of mind. Getting old ain’t so bad if you can look this good.”

Leica Mini Point & Shoot: Vintage point and shoot camera allowing you to capture those little moments. “Normally this little number is my ‘party’ camera or on-the-go street snapper. But in COVID times, I’m not going to events nor am I just roaming the streets looking for moments… but, staying creative and keeping a small camera handy for distanced hangs has meant capturing strange times in sentimental fashion. Plus, getting film developed helps support small labs and print shops. Gotta keep the little guys in business, baby!”

Hopical Citrus JuneShine: Adam says, “The most beautiful, beery-est booch ever. Shit is delicious. Even just writing the words makes me wanna crack one open.”

KC Deane

Professional skier, biker, and surfer with a passion for filmmaking. Outdoors in every season, he tells his story through his lens, whether it’s up on the slopes or at sea level.

Canyon Spectral: A combination of control and playfulness to tame the most extreme trails. Made ready for any descent. KC says, “It’s my favorite bike to ride and it is a 150mm trail machine that is great to jump or just go on a long trail ride. With a great all-around bike, it’s helped me get through quarantine being able to ride every day.”

Eddie Bauer Men’s Resolution Shirt: Light-weight and designed for performance, its UPF sun protection makes it the ideal shirt for summer, and well, for anytime really. “This T-shirt is my go-to in the summer. From biking, to surfing, or just lounging it helps keep me cool and manage hot temps here in LA. My closet is stacked with these shirts.”

JuneShine100 Hibiscus Lime: 100 calories a can, packed with refreshing flavor. The taste of summer at your fingertips. We’ll take a case.