The From-The-Ground-Up Gear Guide


These boots aren’t only made for walking


epending on where you are, what you throw on your feet before you walk outside can be pretty important. Not sure about everyone else, but walking to the mailbox barefoot when there’s snow on the ground isn’t our cup of tea. And if you’re walking anywhere outside, you’re likely going to want a very durable pair of boots amongst other important things you might need when spending some quality time outside. Like reusable utensils and a solar lantern. Because nothing is worse than getting a blister and finding out your thermos didn’t come with a spoon.

The Whalebone guide for all of you outdoorsy folk

No matter how you choose to do it, these nifty things will make each journey a little bit more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable. Get out there.


Like we mentioned earlier, shoe choice is important. Especially if you decide to take a stroll in the woods that eventually brings you some scenic look-out that makes it all worth it. We’re no Everest scalers, but comfort and durability are pretty important even for a day hike. Boots and other things that will make whatever stroll you’re on that much more enjoyable.

Blundstone Original Lace-Up Boots.  Rustic Brown #1930. Comfortable, quality, durable. Boots that will boost you along that trail with advanced traction to make sure each step is a steady one. Pretty important for hiking, even if there is no incline.
Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine. Bean juice makes you get up the mountain fastest. Making the fuel for your hikes that much more sophisticated. Don’t forget the sparkling water.
YETI Hopper Flip Cooler. Perfectly sized to carry lunch up that mountain and made to keep that lunch the temperature you want it to be. A cooler built for the wild. Literally.

Bundstone Original Lace-Up Boots || Rustic Brown #1930

Moto/ #Vanlife

Picking up and putting everything in a camper van and doing #vanlife is a thought that has probably crossed everyone’s mind by now. Versatility is key here. So the boots and other gear must be too.

Blundstone Classic Chelsea Boots.  Antique Brown #1609. They slip right on and are made for any terrain. Even sidewalks. Water-resistant for whatever terrain you find yourself in, they’re ideal for constant change of scenery. Just like a camper van.
GoSports Portable Corn Hole. Bring the backyard games to your new backyard. You’ll be the king of the campsite with this one. We hear it’s best paired with a cold beer. A nice excuse to stretch your legs.
Humangear GoBites Sporks. The ultimate utensil, especially when trying to save space. A reusable two for one. The only thing you’ll still need is a knife.

Blundstone Classic Chelsea Boots || Antique Brown #1609


Mountains tend to have snow on top. And sometimes socks can be hard to keep track of, so just get some thermal boots. Two birds, one stone. The warmest boots and some things you didn’t know you needed for camping.

Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boots. Black #566. Fully waterproof, these will keep your feet warm and dry. Not to mention it will feel like you’re walking on sheepskin clouds because you pretty much will be with the genuine shearling footbeds and Thinsulate® insulation.
The Campout Cookbook. Because you can only roast wieners on a stick so many times. New ideas to cook around the campfire. Making camping gourmet.
BioLite Solar Lantern. So your batteries don’t die at the worst possible time. Portable light powered by renewable energy. Sustainable and convenient. Let there be light.

Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boots || Black #566

Prepare to have the most comfortable and decked out adventure ever. Every other tent and camper will be asking you where you found this stuff. You can thank us later.