The Chillest Gift Guide Ever

Chiller than a penguin wearing sunglasses sipping on a frozen daiquiri on an iceberg


he holidays can cause some stress, likely more so this year. Worrying about what to give people can be a real headache, and headaches do not get you in the spirit. Peppermint hot cocoas or dogs with those weird little antlers that never stay on get you in the spirit. This year has been, well, a dumpster fire and that dumpster is hurtling down a hill at great speed and at the bottom of that hill is a propane tank wrapped in dynamite next to a nuclear reactor. The holiday season may be the last chance to make the best of it. Which is why you need to relax, unwind, maybe get yourself or someone else a couple of things to chill out and watch 2020 conclude and never return. Like a gas station Paul Bunyan with a giant marshmallow standing in front of the propane tank wrapped in dynamite at the bottom of the hill and catching the dumpster fire. It’s about time.

A few things to help you keep it cool

Highline Wellness—The Dawn Kit
They say it’s always darkest before the time you use this CBD kit. And after dipping into this set packed with gummies, mint oil, under-eye balm, and a Relief Roller things’ll be looking brighter for sure. The CBD mint oil is the secret to Alyssa Lynch’s peppermint hot cocoa. A couple drops and you’ll find yourself tasting the holiday spirit.

Whalebone Skell Capt. Sweatpants
Are you really even relaxed if you aren’t wearing sweatpants? Probably not. Soft and stretchy so when you eat one too many Christmas cookies you don’t have to undo any buttons. Perfect for sleeping in, then waking up in, and then wearing all day. The cycle continues. You’ll probably want to get a pair or two for yourself.

Nature Zen Garden
This little desktop zen garden with plants, rocks and sand is quite classic. And scoff if you must but then try raking some lines in the sand with the tiny, little rake and then make lines the other way and by the time you are on your third set you won’t even notice you’ve been meditating and should probably get back to work.

Highline Wellness—The Daylight Kit
We told you things would get brighter, didn’t we? But there is a day to face and you can’t spend the whole time eating cookies in your sweatpants and raking sand in a miniature garden. Facial mist refreshes you so you’re alert and ready to do some shit. Like get over there and ride that new Peleton. Good thing you’ve got CBD Fitness Cream to soothe your sore muscles afterward.

Montauk Brew Co Cold Day IPA 
What better way to literally chill out than with a 6.7% ABV India Pale Ale from our favorite fellows over at Montauk Brew Co? Anyone who unwraps a case of these puppies will feel warm inside. Also something you might want to buy for yourself. You deserve it after all that time on that Peleton.

Highline Wellness—The Dusk Kit
A perfect gift for anyone who values a good night’s sleep, which is most likely everyone. A bath bomb with essential oils and botanicals sounds relaxing sure, but then factor in a healthy dose of hemp-derived cannabidiol and you’re ready for dreamland. Hydrating body cream with high concentration of broad-spectrum CBD melts away whatever soreness the day brought. The Nighttime Gummies seal the deal.

Montauk Candle Company Christmas Hearth Candle
Hey, it’s dark again. Candles really set the mood, regardless of whatever mood you may be going for, plus aromatherapy is good for the soul we hear. Don’t worry, this one smells like everything Christmas. Literally. Candles are perfect for someone close to you or your brother’s new girlfriend.

Whish Multi-Sound Machine
White noise, ocean waves, rain, or whatever soothing sound helps you doze off. An ideal gift for anyone, especially those who live next to construction sites. This little box doesn’t only play calm noises, it cancels noise from outside of your room to ensure you are undisturbed as visions of sugarplums dance in your head. Bring it to Miami for an extra Estefan experience.

LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp
For kids of all ages. Meaning adults. Turns any nightstand into an aquarium full of entrancing jellyfish. Relaxing until you start to wonder if the realistic-looking jellyfish are actual sea creatures trapped in a cylinder on your nightstand and maybe you should call the gardener from the zen garden to feed them or something. But if you can get over that part, it’s really, really peaceful.