The Whalebone Guide to Shopping Local Surf Shops

No Kooks


ot much beats people helping other people, especially at a time like this. Cue Sun Bum and the efforts they make to be good and do good. Aside from protecting our skin with their reef-safe, cruelty-free sunscreen, they give back to their communities in more ways than one. They continue to make a huge impact on the surfing community in the midst of this time of uncertainty, while also helping to preserve the oceans we love so the future groms have waves to carve. As we all know, small and local businesses were blindsided by the wave of the global pandemic. We all were. Everyone was trying to keep their heads above the water’s surface, some struggling  more than others. Seeing this, Sun Bum took the initiative to help their local surf shops in a time of need. Throwing them a line, Sun Bum came up with their $100k Surf Shop Sweepstakes. The great people at Sun Bum went around and bought  $100 gift cards at quite a few of your favorite local surf shops, and then gave them away to the lucky 1010 winners. Spreading awareness of these shops, giving them some business to stay afloat, and emphasizing the importance of shopping local.

So next time you’re on your way to hang ten, hit the skate park, or spend anytime in the sunshine, stop by a local surf shop for your sunscreen or your shades. Make thoughtful purchases that will make a difference in the community. Don’t know where to shop? Sun Bum does.

A directory of surf shops that may or may not be near you. Locally owned and operated, of course.

Sunset Surf Shack
Montauk, NY
Adventure sports, surf and stand up paddle boarding lessons housed in a shop where you’ll probably want to buy everything. Getting families, groups, and pretty much anyone to feel comfortable on a board.

Photo: @sunset_surf_shack

Z Wave Surf Shop
Flagler Beach, FL
Open for 32 years and counting, find all your beach needs just one block from Flagler Beach. Serving the groms in the heart of the nation’s oldest city since 1988.

E.T. Surfboards
Hermosa Beach, CA
Serving the California beach town since 1972, they pride themselves on having your in-shop experience be a personal event. Ensuring the board you choose, whether it be surf, skate or snow, is the right fit and the right feel.

Sunrise Surf Shop
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Locally owned since 1976. Serving North Florida’s beach towns for decades, Sunrise cherishes their community and gives back to charities and supports local surf contests, encouraging everyone to get on a board.

Photo: @sunrisesurfshop

Nor’Easter Surf Shop
Scituate, MA
Over three decades of serving New England, these guys know what they’re doing. Surf, SUP and skate and always at least 300 surfboards to choose from. 300, casual.

Aj Vagabonds
Dallas, TX
Encouraging everyone to get outside with all of the things you need with the best quality in mind. Proud of their small footprint, they are located in a small cottage from the 1900s. That’s one way to recycle.

Stewart Surfboards
San Clemente, CA
With a team made up of some of the world’s top surfers, Tony Silvagni and Soleil Errico to mention a few, they ensure you get the best board and gear for you. With some serious surfing and shaping expertise, they pass their knowledge to customers, helping them feel more confident on the board and in the water.

Photo: @stewart_surfboards

Jax Beach Surf & Paddle
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Not only a surf shop, but also with programs to get anyone on a board. Promoting strength of the body and mind to the entire Jax Beach community. They often have specials to encourage women and children to get in the water. They play great music there.

Unsound Surf Shop
Long Island,  NY
Caring and supporting the New York surf community since ’97, they are open year round and have one of the best surf teams in the state. Unsound makes it accessible to any New Yorker to dive into the surf community. And making the surf community larger than just Long Island.

Supporting your local businesses makes all the difference for the community. We have the power to support our fellow families and familiar faces. Because what would be a surf shop without the smile and wave of your favorite beach bum? Shop local, surf local and do what you can to help others.