No Camper, No Problem

Hit the Open Road in an RV Without the Hassle of Owning an RV


o you ever see an RV or camper van on the highway as you’re driving and think to yourself, “Damn, that would be so much fun,” and then immediately create elaborate plans about who you would take and where you’d go. But then you always come back to the one obstacle that has kept you from packing up your camper and stepping on the gas. That thought probably sounds a little something like, “Where would I park that thing in San Fran?” or “Sure, the next spare 50 grand I have laying around will go to that fund,” or “Who can make that kind of commitment to just one camper?”

Then you are thinking something like, “Why doesn’t somebody make an Airbnb but for RVs and camper vans?” Turns out somebody did.

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Good news is, you’re not the only one who worries they’ll end up in a scenario like Steve Martin in the so-creatively-titled movie RV. Even better news, the RVs and campers you can rent on Outdoorsy are far nicer than the rolling turd, and even better, better news, you can have them delivered so the whole fear of driving a school-bus-sized-rectangle can fly out the open windows. All problems solved. Now the next question is, which RV and road trip are right for you?

With hundreds of rentals listed for multiple different styles of RV and camper, Outdoorsy has the vehicle you need to bring your cross-country road trip to fruition. From luxury family-sized RV’s to a two person camper van, no matter what the occasion, Outdoorsy will take you there.

The Classic RVs

Class A

The entire-family-mobile. Like the Ritz Carlton of sleeper vehicles. Luxury on wheels. Perfect for a road trip with the cousins to the Pacific Northwest or a band who wants to tour in style with room for a few roadies on board. These big boys can sleep up to 10 and often have slide-outs to create more interior room once parked. Room for all your hiking gear, all the snacks, all the cousins and you don’t even have to hire a pet sitter.
Everybody in

Class  C

The RV made for the adventurous brides-to-be. Take your bachelorette party to the Badlands for your last hoorah. Bars are overrated and overcrowded anyway. The Class C RV is the perfect getaway for a group of friends. Get out under the stars and release some wedding planning stress. There’s room in the dinette for your champagne and orange juice, don’t worry.
Get in, girls

Class B

If #vanlife is calling your name, the smallest of the RVs is where you’ll find your perfect ride. With smaller space, pack up with your best friend or four and take on the Grand Canyon like you’ve always talked about in a best in class Mercedes Sprinter or the like. If you and your bestie have a long distance relationship, meeting in the middle is always an option since you can have your RV delivered to your destination. It really is that easy.
Hit the road

A bit more hashtag van life

The Camper Van

The perfect option for a honeymoon, travel-restriction-style. Your wedding may have not been as big as you wanted it to be, and your trip to Italy was probably refunded, but the celebration shouldn’t stop because the flights have. The camper van fits two comfortably with room for whatever people do on honeymoons. Map your way through the country or up the coast with your spouse. A trip to Acadia seems nice. The best part is, you don’t have to deal with airport security. You, your honey and the open road.
Take a ride

The Fifth-Wheeler

Not named for your single friend who’s tagging along on your couple’s trip to Utah, even though there’s room for him. Grab your pickup truck and strap this baby to the back and let the road trip begin. Once you get into Zion, you can park the trailer at your campsite, explore with your pickup, then have a nice cozy home on wheels to come to after a long day in the desert. If your friend gets lonely, he can bring his pup.
Get out there

The Truck Camper

The best thing you’ll ever fit in the bed of your truck. No need to worry about how to pull out of a gas station with a huge trailer behind you. Take this mobile home with you wherever your pickup goes. Perfect for the snow covered Tetons. You and the family and a week in Wyoming. Knock out more than one National Park with the versatility of this style of camper. Best part is, you can fit in an average parking spot, so even the stops along the way are less stressful.
On the road again

The Airstream Trailer

A boondocker’s dream. Park this little trailer on the beach or at a peak. Smaller than others, this gives the opportunity to take it places other campers may not be able to go. The perfect option for the solo traveler. Working from home never looked so good. Off the map, but still online. The best of both worlds.
Hop in

The Teardrop Trailer

The perfect fall vacation for you and your significant other. Summer vacation may have been cancelled, but the great outdoors are better than Disney World anyway. This trailer is perfect for you and your soul mate. Take to the open road and have the road trip you see in the movies. The ones where the road trips are romantic and not like it went in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Nice and cozy, driving across the country has never been so lovely.
And we’re off

The open road awaits. Even if there’s no occasion at all and even if you have no idea where you’d want to go in a decked out condo on wheels, Outdoorsy has a guide for that. Time to hit the road.