You probably don’t have the right clothes for beer drinking

Lucky for you, Montauk Brew Co. is making beer-drinking apparel.


o,  this does not mean that the hats and shirts and such drink the beer. It means you don said hat or shirt while imbibing an ale or pilsner and you become instantly a better drinker. Point is, you can scroll through the images above to see the clothing in action or you can see more of it here and decide which items will make you better, smarter and thirstier. You can do other things in it too if you want to. You don’t have to drink beer in them. You could also wear them to work, where maybe you shouldn’t be drinking on the job, but that’s between you and HR.

We asked Montauk Brew Co. cofounder Vaughan Cutillo a few questions about this that and the other and he was fairly diligent about answering those queries.

How did the dog get her name?
Vaughan: My dad is a big Duane Allman fan, like really big.  My dad had a farm in Virginia in his 20s and had a hound he named Skydog.  When I got my dog, the name seemed to fit her right away.  Skydog has turned into the brewery mascot.  We joke that fans come to the brewery for the pup, and stay for the beers, she’s the best.

One person you’d be excited to hear they walked into the brewery?
Vaughan: I’ve given tours of the brewery to a few cool people, JJ Redick was just in and last year I gave Lady Gaga a tour—they were both so down to earth and so nice.  We’ve been trying to get Leonardo DiCaprio in for awhile now.  That’d be pretty rad.  I’ll up that to George Clooney, too.  They’re friends, right?  We gotta get those guys into Brew Co.

I’ll up that to George Clooney, too.

One company you really appreciate their story or way they do things? 
Vaughan: A good friend of mine started a company called Bureo.  They recycle abandoned fishing nets to make things like skateboards, surf fins, and office furniture.  Sustainability, it’s the future, man.  Such an awesome company.  I’ve always loved Patagonia too.  The culture and the positivity they put out into the world is really inspiring.  Whalebone, too, duh.

Aw, thanks, Vaughan. We like you, too. So, now owning and operating one of most popular companies in New York, at least that we can think of, what’s the biggest thing you tell the team?
Vaughan: There are a few things that we always talk about as a team and continue to stay focused on.

  1.  Make the highest quality beer we can
  2.  Honor the fans and…
  3. DO NOT run out of stock!  Eric (brewmaster/cofounder) and I are incredibly lucky to have such an awesome team and some incredible mentors.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without our team, they’re all incredible humans.

But really the best one is purple…What’s the next best one?  
Vaughan: Wave Chaser certainly leads the way, it has literally exploded and isn’t slowing down.  The nice thing about our beers is that they are very approachable for people who may not think they are into “craft” beer.  Summer Ale is certainly a top seller for the company and Juicy IPA is gaining momentum as well.  Montauk Pilsner is the newest addition to the year-round portfolio and is off to a great start.  It is a light, bright and super flavorful German-Style Pilsner.

Recommendations for one of each of the following: Summer movie of all-time, summer reading, spot in Montauk to visit this summer.

Vaughan: Movie: Jaws. Book: Just finished a book called, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  Really enjoyed it. And lastlyDitch.