Gear Guide for Survival (or Just Going Out in Brooklyn)

Image Courtesy of Huckberry

Everything Needed for the Wilderness (of Any Sort)

There’s no better time of year than when the leaves have turned, campsites thin out, and that first snow hits. Some say camping season is over for a few months, but this is right when we like to get out there in the struggle before we skin it up the backside tomorrow morning for some dawn patrol fresh tracks. Our friends at Huckberry not only keep us geared up for discovering our new favorite dive bar in Bed Stuy but also for those extra chilled camping nights of where stories are told and legends are made. After all who likes doing things when everyone else is? It’s all about getting out there and escaping the crowds.

So whether you’re adventuring to the wild unknown or to just that unknown subway stop, below are a few recommendations for some last minute gifts for the outdoor enthusiast in you. Just remember to send a postcard.

Flannel Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket

Tough, timeless, and made in the USA, this waxed and weather-resistant sailcloth jacket will wear like selvage denim — every time you hoist a beer, tie your boots, or ride your bike, you’ll leave a personal mark. And that’s a good thing.

Tenkara Rod – Mini Sawtooth Package

Taking a page right from Yvon Chouinard, this packable rod will always deliver if you find the right honey hole. The fishing season may be dwindling down, but you never know when you’ll have to fend for yourself out there so just be prepared. Just no felt boots, please.

Give’r 4 Season Gloves

These 4-season gloves are heavy-duty, waterproof, insulated gloves inspired by treks down the road less traveled and the stories we collect along the way. These bad boys are built to withstand anything, from grabbing a burning log out of a fire to ice fishing in -25 degrees. They deliver and are comfy as hell. Stop asking questions already and just go for it.

The James Brand – County Knife

We aren’t sure of NYC knife laws these days but we have to recommend one of these beauties. Stuck in the office or at a wedding and can’t carry a knife on your hip, but you feel naked without a blade? We know the feeling, and luckily James has got us covered with The County Knife. The slim profile slips right into into your pocket for easy access when you need it. Warning – probably not going to help you with a bear attack. But who doesn’t need a good knife?

Lifestraw Flex

We all know water is critical. But know what’s pretty cool? Being able to utilize lakes and streams like those campers of yore. Lifestraw has made that possible again and the end result is clean water that’s good to drink whether you get it from a lake, river, or sketchy tap. The LifeStraw is just about the perfect travel companion that’ll lighten your load and could prove to be a (literal) lifesaver.

Arcade Guide Belt

Our friends at Arcade deliver some exceptional quality stuff, and nothing’s better than their Guide belt that looks good having a beer or laying some fresh tracks. A non-slip, lightweight buckle and reinforced stitching make the Guide a tough belt that’s ready for any adventure.

Black Diamond – Transit Pack

You’ve got to get all this gear to your destination right? Look no further than this badass number from Black Diamond. With a waterproof shell inspired by mountain climbing haul bags, the Creek Transit Bag combines the toughness of the toughest haul bags with the style and function you need around town.

Black Diamond Headlamp

Ok, we love these guys, but who doesn’t like quality gear? Plus everyone needs a headlamp or three. Ok I may have an addiction. I get it. The first step is admitting it. The next step is writing that down with some powerful lumens in my tent in the middle of the night. With multiple settings for a variety of situations, The Revolt Rechargeable works with the included rechargeable batteries or replaceable ones, and is ideal for any situation. Even if just finding that lost glove in the back of your truck.

The Field Cast Iron Skillet

You need something to cook up that tasty brown you snagged this morning. Might as well do it right with the time-honored classic of a cast iron skillet from The Field Company. This skillet is specially designed to take recycled and new iron and cast them into lightweight, super smooth cookware that outperforms the rest.

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Wireless Speaker

Let’s be honest with each other here. If your buddy Charlie sings one more bad cover song by the fire pit you might just not wake him up tomorrow. Luckily solar-powered innovator Goal Zero has come to the rescue yet again. Weather resistant construction and universal compatibility make it the perfect travel companion, rain or shine. And not dependent on knowing how to play just 2 chords.