The ‘That’s Snow Thoughtful’ Gift Guide

The Perfect Gift for that Snow Enthusiast on Your List

It’s that time of year again. You’re broke, exhausted from work, and stoked to go spend the last paycheck of the year on gifts instead of a tropical getaway. Hey, ya grinch, it’s called compromise! Relax by a warm fire with an umbrella in your spiked eggnog and keep reading, but remember, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” Listen, you’re not a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. You can come up with a gift for a friend, relative, or that significant other easily.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

Think gifts that will help them battle the elements by keeping warm, being active in and outside, and staying alive just in case we get that Day After Tomorrow-type blizzard where three storm systems combine to create a mega cell presaging the next ice age. Okay, maybe not that heavy but it can help that friend who has a problem leaving their car light on, inadvertently killing the battery which is acceptable in the summer, but downright dangerous in the winter. Don’t eat the yellow snow, and remember, if you see gum on the street, leave it there. It isn’t free candy.

Empire Glove


The Empire Glove is one of Burton’s best selling, most affordable, and lightest gloves featuring Gore-Tex. Extremely durable and warm and best yet, with its screen grab technology you can keep your gloves on when using your phone to let friends know how hard you sent it or ate shit. Also available in a crab claw mitt for people who like extra warmth and comfort from mittens (and are less concerned with ability to text).

Surfset Fitness Classes

Surfset New York City

Quick, don’t just do something; stand there. Surfset NYC is a surf-inspired workout class done on a custom-made unstable surfboard that tests balance and works the core while building lean muscle. For those of you who don’t mess with 6mm neoprene, booties, and gloves, don’t worry, it takes place indoors. Think of it as Steve Addington’s virtual reality video game but with a workout involved.

L Insulated Gore-Tex Jacket


Without breaking the bank you get a standard fit insulated jacket for walking around the city including enough room for another layer without being to baggy, and waterproof fully taped seams for those slushy days at Hunter Mountain. Really hate snow getting into your skivvies? Volcom has a jacket to pant zip system that makes it all one piece keeping you warm, and the snow out of your undergarments. Leave that second pair of undies at home!

Women’s Hazel Jacket


No need to break out into jumping jacks and burpees because Burton has unique new Living Lining that expands as you warm up for breathability and contracts when cold to lock in the heat doing all the hard work for you. All the tech for the mountain but styled for the city, this jacket’s slim fit is perfect for having a late night on the town and waking up at the crack of dawn to be the first chair up the mountain.

Stormfront Roll Top Pack 45L


Appropriately named “Stormfront,” this pack can withstand a monsoon or at least a wet New York winter. Take it hiking, boarding, fishing, to yoga class (it holds your mat with the side straps). Perfect for the commuter i.e. almost everyone in New York.

NANOspikes Traction System


Remember the reporter that interviewed the jogging couple in New York during a snowstorm? The reporter asks about the running conditions, and one of them responds with “it’s the perfect texture for running, very low impact and the snow is dry so your feet don’t get wet.” Irony is a sweet thing. Don’t let your runner friends break their backs.

Genius Boost Lithium Jump Starter


A fool-proof jump starter that has spark-proof connections for the one buddy that swears he knows what he’s doing (positive to positive, negative to negative. You knew that right?). With a single charge, there are 80 times he won’t have to make that phone call explaining how he swears he didn’t leave the light on or the glove box open. A snowpocalypse worthy jump starter with a built in flashlight.

Throwback Snowboard


Who needs the new Step-ons or even bindings at all? The Burton Throwback isn’t made for resorts, hardpack, or icy conditions, however, it is made for your backyard, impromptu hills, and definitely Central Park.

SK8-HI Del Pato MTE


Want to skate in the middle of winter but having trouble finding the right shoe and skateboard? Well, first, invent a skateboard that can work in the snow but in the meantime, grab a snowskate and then a pair of the Del Pato MTEs. A duck-boot-esque toe will keep your feet dry, and the leather comes treated with a water-repellent finish. Cruise year round while staying warm with a built-in heat retention layer.

Flying Diamond Four-season Tent

Big Agnes

There’s something tranquil about camping during winter. Think about waking up surrounded by snow next to a meandering river, or the ocean. This is far from glamping. How do you get there, and stay safely? At 14 lbs. and with a lifetime warranty to back it up, this tent is made for winter camping and sleeps four comfortably. I say comfortably because come on, you have to huddle together for warmth sometimes (not that you need to in this tent), but the more bodies the merrier.

Hand Warmers

Hot Hands

Out of everything on this gear guide, this may be the easiest and most inexpensive thing to gift someone, and is, of course, incredibly thoughtful. At its core, a hand warmer is a comfort item, much like hot chocolate, you don’t need it, but it makes winter that much better.

Thomas Jefferson’s Hot Chocolate Recipe

Your Local Grocery Store

Did someone say hot chocolate? It’s easy enough to go buy the powder mix, but take the third president’s advice on this. Its RICH history can be tasted. Visit your local grocery store for the ingredients.

Workerman Beanie


In the ’50s they believed we lost half our body heat from our head not being covered, but did you know that if you wear shorts in the winter your legs will be cold? Too many cigarettes during pregnancy… Wear a hat and keep your head warm. I could gift someone hand warmers and tape and tell them to plaster hand warmers all over their head, or gift a beanie. OR I could gift both and you could put the hand warmers on your head and put the beanie over them. What a about sewing hand warmers into beanies and with a few shakes the beanie gets hot? Did I just invent something?

Sled Legs


As the name implies these are sleds for your legs. Once the would-be sledder straps them on he becomes more sled than man. Basically: kneel, sit go fast. Sledding is what snow is all about. Once you’ve got your hot chocolate and your handwarmers sewn into the inside of your beanie and your sled legs, you’re good to go.