close up feature image of a yellow Labrador retriever dog sitting down in a snow covered field with its ears back and eyes close. The dog is facing the camera straight on and is wrapped in a large wooly blanket with bright orange and turquoise stripe patterns.

A Very Cozy Holiday Gift Guide

Well, the snow dance worked.

And there’s nothing quite like a fresh six feet of snow paired with an extra large tin of sometimes-expired Swiss Miss to get folks into the holiday spirit. And Michael Buble. Lots of Michael Buble. Alas, none of the above items keep very well under the tree. Except for the stale hot chocolate mix. And maybe Michael if you ask nicely. The snow’s a no-go for sure. Rest assured, we’ve done the heavy lifting this year and curated a nice little list of cozy picks. Just keep the snow dances up, deal?

A close up, circular, product image taken from an aerial view of a bottle of amber bourbon to the left and a a glass filled with an amber cocktails and ice cube and topped with an orange peel. The label on the bourbon bottle is dark blue with light yellow lettering. In the center of the label is a woman sketched in light blue and white dressed in a collared shirt with dark pink flowers, pants, and a neck scarf. She is holding a large scythe. There is a scarlet colored circular seal to the left of the woman. The background of the image is white marble tiles.

Damn Good Bourbon

Boss Molly

Here’s one for the badass bourbon-drinking gals in your life. Or the gal in your life that will soon become a badass bourbon-drinking gal once she gets a swig of the sweet amber goodness corked inside this here bottle. Notes of butterscotch, citrus and vanilla all finished off with hints of leather and spiced brandy. So damn good.

A close up, circular, aerial image of a luxury, white cardboard candle box with black cursive lettering in the center and bold black lettering underneath. The box is sitting on a table covered in magazine pages and the orange flame of a dimly lit black candle is burning on the upper left side of the image. Part of a silver camera lens is visible in the upper right area of the image.

the plus candle

Imogene + Willie

Pretty much guaranteed to be ten times better than any of your pumpkin spice candles. Created in tandem with candle connoisseur and legend Mr. Ron Robinson, a scent that embodies the home of its creators. We’re talking 9 oz of African ginger, mahogany, deep tamboti wood, and grains of paradise brought together in a nose-dazzling soy blend. 10/10 sniffs.

Women's Vintage Modern Oversized Plaid Chore Jacket in Russett alternative view 2

Women’s Oversized Fleece Chore Coat


Stylish enough for a night out on the town, but warm enough for the brutal walk back to your car at 9 a.m. Not to mention all the extra large pockets your heart desires. Four to be exact. No gloves, no bag, no problem.

A close up circular image of an overflowing cylindrical wicker basket filled with squishy knotted-looking balls of various sizes and colors including light gray, olive green, light pink, off-white, and maroon.

Velvet Hugget


Lots of hugs this time of year. Dare we say too many? Enter the hugget. For those who prefer silence after a warm embrace to the concerned voice of relatives asking questions about your dating life. Also an inconspicuous gift that’s small enough to stress squeeze under the table at Christmas dinner. We’ll take five, thanks.

A close up circular image of a long sleeve collared plaid flannel shirt on a wooden hanger, laid flat against a chalky black background. The flannel is sky blue and burnt orange in color with white tags at the top neck area of the inside of the shirt.

earl plaid in sierra

Imogene + Willie

Perfect for the uncle whose flannel you’ve seen one too many years in a row. More than your average plaid shirt, the quality and comfort alone are enough to silence any protests along the lines of “There’s nothing wrong with the one I’ve got.” A gift for the whole family, really.

A horizontal image of a sitting area with light beige/gray walls in the center of the back wall is a large framed photo of 25 shark teeth in neatly lined rows and columns with a small cursive signature barely visible in the bottom right corner of the print. to the left of the frame is a half dome bubblegum pink lamp hanging from the ceiling by a golden wire above a small potted tree with green leaves and a rounded beige pot. The floors of the room are light brown wood laid in a zig zagging pattern. just under the picture frame is a small light brown, modern sitting table with stacks of books on one shelf and off-white pots of green plants on the top. To the left of the picture frame is a sitting chair with light beige cushions and light brown wooden legs.

Shark Tooth Print

Tidal Collections

25 years’ worth of pearly whites courtesy of our friends in the deep blue sea. Great White, Bull, Tiger, Sand Tiger, Lemon, Hammerhead, and Cow. You name it. All collected by one shark-loving human and crafted into an aesthetically pleasing print worthy of any wall, empty or crowded.

A circular image taken at a horizontal angle of a couch with light beige/off-white cushions and a large olive green, woven weighted blanket draped over the front and back. At the bottom of the image, part of a medium brown woven rug is visible. Next to the couch, on the right side of the image is a small, light brown, circular wooden side table. A pair of red glasses, a stack of books, a red and white striped mug of brown liquid topped with white cream and a light beige lamp with a white lampshade resting on the table. Behind the couch, the dark green branches of a pine tree decorated with bright red holly berries is visible.

Velvet Napper


Two words: weighted blanket. One that will provide you with an extra-strength dose of comfort while dealing with the holiday scaries that tend to take hold this time of year. The sustainable eco-velvet material makes this layer of coziness ideal for folks looking to keep things green. Also, a good excuse to stay in bed until 2023.

Men's Lee European Collection Relaxed Fit Corduroy Workwear Overshirt in Mood Indigo main view

Men’s Corduroy Workwear Overshirt in Mood Indigo


Listen, there’s nothing wrong with Canadian tuxedos. But in the event that one is looking to avoid that sort of fashion statement, this indigo corduroy number should do the trick.

The Performance Package 4.0


We’re of the opinion that everyone deserves a little extra me time come the winter season. Especially when combating the inevitable dryness that accompanies low temps. You’ll find all the bells and whistles here. Truly Santa-worthy. Enjoy a little discount from us to you.

Stio Men's Skillet Shirt Jacket - Midnight Hour

Men’s Skillet Shirt Jacket – Midnight Hour


The “one layer is plenty” friend. The “it’s not that cold outside” family member. The “wears a t-shirt in below-freezing weather” human. Everyone knows one. And everyone begrudgingly sheds their coat for this person time and again when they can’t feel their arms on the walk home. The Skillet Shirt Jacket will keep things simple and cool (but in a much more real sense, warm) for this charming person in your life. A compromise, yes. But a stylish, insulated one to say the very least. 

Stio Women's Tayloe Down Jacket - Dusted Agave

Women’s Tayloe Down Jacket – Dusted Agave


A puffy that won’t leave you looking like the Michelin tire guy on the slopes. Packed to the max with 800-fill HyperDRY™. A good color to sport through the spring if you find yourself in April snow showers. Maybe even munch on an agave while you’re at it. 

Bone T-shirt + Bone Crewneck


The bone is back. A conversation starter for every party you attend this holiday season. And they’re limited edition, so chances are you’ll be the only cat by the punch bowl with one of these. Order by December 16th to get under the tree by the 25th.