The Montauk Local’s Holiday Gift Guide

No Hassles

You should shop local. Unless you are not from Montauk. Then you should shop from afar at some of our favorite Montauk businesses. We’ve got you covered, starting from the top and making stops along the way to go deep with sharks, having a damn fine cup of joe, popping in for a drink with the locals at The Dock and getting suited up in some guaranteed fresh Whalebone gear.

Warm Heads Prevail

Montauk Brew Co. Beanie
High-quality Carhartt craftsmanship mixed with the super cool Montauk Brew Co. wave logo will keep heads warm and looking good all winter long. Beer not included.


Keep It Going

Left Hand Coffee
As much fun as holiday parties and general merriment can be, they can leave you slightly dragged. Enter Left Hand, Montauk’s Coffee Company. Let’s make this even easier: use our exclusive promo on all coffee bean blends through the end of the year— just enter “WB20” at checkout to receive 20% off.


Swim with Sharks

Sea Turtle Charters
“You go in the cage, cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark’s in the water, our shark.” Quint’s misgivings about looking like an astronaut aside, surely the safest way to get close to some toothy tourists.

It’s not just sharks that are brought into the local waters by the warm Gulf Stream: whales, ocean sunfish, porpoise and sea turtles might also go swimming by on a shark trip. Dive gear is included on these full-day excursions that run from June to October.


Heavy Reading

The Dock Book
Northeast fishing villages all have their local watering holes; fortunately for those of us who live in Montauk, we have The Dock. This small dark tavern embodies Montauk. The Dock is a safe haven; an escape from the rapidly changing world around us.

“This photography book is my attempt at capturing that slice of Montauk culture by focusing on the visual ephemera, of the many curious and the stories they tell,” says photographer Grant Monahan, “all found on the walls and shelves of The Dock.”


Flower Power

This printed wrap dress from Girltauk’s exclusive collection, made of Pima cotton and produced by fair trade factories in Peru, serve as a wintertime reminder to look forward to warmer East End days.


No Lost Shakers

The 8th Drifter
You could be half-assed and drink your tequila with a pinch of salt from Jimmy Buffet’s lost shaker or you can use your whole ass with a shot glass made out of salt. Stuff somebody’s stocking with these particular ones, ethically produced from Himalayan salt caves in Pakistan, and you’re really putting extra ass into it.


East End Fish Prints

Annie Sessler
Fish caught by net, rod-n-reel, trap, and spear regularly get detoured into Montauk artist Annie Sessler’s hands before being prepped and shared as a meal. Annie transforms actual sea life into captivating wall art using brushes, inks, and fabrics while paying homage to the Japanese Gyotaku craft tradition.


Sketch Energy Be-Gone

Sacred Space Revolution
There are times you can’t light up a smudge stick or sage or whatever voodoo you’re into. Vibe Protection spray is a smokeless alternative to cleansing stuck or negative energies. So this gift might look like an ordinary spray bottle but you’re really giving a purified spirit with crystal-infused spray. Cedarwood and lavender provide relaxation while herbs like sage and palo santo protect and cleanse.


Hanging on the Wall

James Katsipis Photography
James Katsipis is giving you 20%-off all of his fine art prints of unique and imaginative Montauk imagery. Use Code “CHEERS” at checkout for 20% off purchase.



41° North
Give a little piece of local history: In the Spring of 2012 the F/V Lady Leah ran aground on the north side of Montauk Point. Measuring 24″ x 38″ the “Shipwrecked” image is encased in epoxy resin and framed with Live Edge Red Oak that was felled on Cedar St. in East Hampton.


Ridiculously Soft Things

Whalebone’s own limited-run Winter 2018 collection includes many soft warm things. Some are even quilted.


A Year’s Worth of Whalebone

Whalebone Magazine
We are talking one full year of Whalebone Magazine, The New York City Issue, $30 to use toward apparel and merch on this site, and a suitable-for-framing gift card all for $60. This deal ends Monday, 12/17. Don’t sleep.