Sarrah Strimel Stirs It Up

Photos by Paul Brooke

lululemon x Whalebone: The 21st Guest Dinner Series

We’re shining a light on 6 individuals on about their involvement and partnership with lululemon, as ambassadors, and learning more about who has helped them along the way. We want to learn how they take those learnings and make a difference towards someone or something else, big or small. We’re encouraging others to pay it forward by interacting with and listening to the conversations. As the 21st guest, you, our audience, get to hear a few cool stories and do someone else a solid. It’s only fitting that all of the guests contribute to the conversation, so send all of your burning questions to—and we’ll fill you in on what our next guests have to say. For now, sit back and enjoy a robust highlight reel on our first dinner installment, hosted by our friend Sarrah Strimel
Sarrah Strimel gets people going… and that’s exactly what happened while sitting on a quiet stretch of Navy Beach. Our first installment of 21st Guest Dinner mixed it up with local business owners, surf instructors, photographers and more. This particular evening was all about comfort, conversation and, of course, libations—guests started with their choice of Wolffer Wines, Montauk Brew Co., Health-ade Kombucha or JUST water. And after the cups were full, they moved over to their seaside table, made all the more beautiful by Amber Waves Farms and The Pop-up florist.

Sarrah, as the gracious host, thanked everyone for their time and presence and then led the dinner conversation with a yoga-like flow with questions like—

“How has someone paid you a solid in your life?”

“How do you pay it forward?”

“What is your favorite thing about the water?”

And you can imagine with such a good crowd, there was a lot to be said…

All of the wave-loving enthusiasts around the table agreed that the lack of waves this Summer in Montauk has been daunting. Maggie, Jesse, Celine, Colleen and a few others all agreed that they are chasing a non-existent wave, and hoping for that to change very soon. We are also going to need that to change very soon.

Austin Eckhardt, local surf instructor, and our photographer for the 21st Guest series (you rock, Austin), loves teaching the Montauk youth to surf and to love and care for the ocean as much as he does. You can find him and his enthusiastic staff on Ditch Plains almost every morning with 10+ excited groms donning their Austin’s Surf Camp gear.

Sharing love for the water was a common thread, with a few other highlights being near the general vicinity of the ocean with all of its cleansing power, having a great sweat at a yoga class, refurbishing and sailing on a family bestowed sailboat, or simply enjoying the beauty of a solid outdoor shower. Talk about versatility, h2o.

The end result was a well-rounded evening filled with thoughtful conversation, inspiring stories and a Michael Jackson cover featuring our very own, Maggie Joeckel.


Not terrible.

When not hosting awesome dinner parties, you’ll find Sarrah bending bodies and minds at her Montauk yoga studio, BYoga, Loft 35  the lululemon studio at East Hampton or just sharing her knowledge as a lululemon ambassador.

Keep an eye out for the next 21st Guest dinner coming in August, when we’ll try and see if lightning can strike twice.

Don’t forget to do all of us a solid, submit your questions to see some of them answered at our next dinner installment, and click back soon to follow along with the 21st Guest.