[Attend] Cheers Beer & Wine Festival in Montauk on Saturday, August 26th

According to a recent report conducted with the help of one “Google” search engine, Whalebone’s Department of Food + Beverage concluded that a fair nine out of ten people above the age of 18 have enjoyed adult beverages in the past year. To little surprise, those nine people fancy two categories of adult beverages the most: beer and wine.

There is a very good chance that none of this is news—but what might come as a surprise is that some very good folks we ran into recently (not outside a brewery) will be bringing a wide and agreeable array of these two refreshments, in a festival setting, to the East End.

We caught up with the crew bringing the best of both worlds to Montauk next Saturday, to find out how we can get our days-worth of great beer and wine, which cast member from Old School should be in attendance, whether or not we should bring our dancing shoes, and more. Cheers.

Let’s talk about next Saturday, August 26th. You guys are bringing a sizable amount of beer and wine to the Montauk Yacht Club. Can we come? Can our friends come? What do the people need to know to come by and enjoy a beverage or 20?

Hey, guys! It’s great being able to tell you more about this event. It is the first ever Beer and Wine Festival in Montauk and we are having over 100 styles of wine and beer plus some spirits for the adventurous types, and everyone over 21 is welcome to join. We suggest buying your tickets in advance to avoid waiting on lines. We also have a special promo code for your readers. If they use “WHALEBONE” at checkout, they can get an extra 20$ off a ticket. The price of the ticket will also go up at the door so get it early!

Photo: Montauk Yacht Club

Cheers Montauk is going to be on The Great Lawn and we will have plenty of seating, so we suggest bringing some extra cash, your ID, and a credit card since food will be available for purchase. We also have some great merchant vendors like NIBI MTK, so you never know what you might find.

The list of breweries and wineries is rather impressive. This might be slightly unfair, but which beers and wines are you guys most excited to try out for the first time?

Personally, I love Montauk Brewing’s Watermelon Ale—it’s one of my favorite beers. I think it is one of the best summer beers around. I’m also excited for some of the fall beers that will be introduced at the event. With September around the corner, a lot of our breweries are going to be sampling a mix of summer and fall beers to get everyone excited about the season ahead.

On the wine side, I’m excited to try Wölffer’s white table wine. As a Long Island Native, I love wine tasting out east and it’s great to have the local brands represented at the event as well as a variety of international brands.

You guys have a few local breweries participating as well, right?

Yeah besides Montauk Brewing we have a number of Long Island Breweries like Southhampton Publick House, BrewSA, Fire Island Brewing and more! We love getting local business involved in our events. We are all about incorporating the local community in any way we can.

A little birdie mentioned that you might also have some delicious food being served up at the festival. What can we expect on the “things we’ll enjoy eating and washing down” front?

Oh yeah, we’ve got great food coming in! As you know nothing goes better with a cold beer than a warm pretzel and Knot of this World will have a huge selection to choose from. If you are interested in local seafood, we have The Walrus and the Carpenter Traveling Oyster Co. bringing in amazing fresh oysters. We also have a local favorite Bex Waffles, as well as Manhattan favorites Luke’s Empanadas and Mozzarepas.

Let’s say that, through a bit of a luck and a very convincing e-mail, we’re able to bring by any one cast member from the movie Old School. Who would you prefer we extend the invite to?

I would love to say let’s get Frank in on the party (I’m a huge fan of classic Will Ferrell), but the responsible producer in me would be a little afraid of the havoc that “Frank the Tank” would unleash after a few too many beers. If we can keep him relatively sane than he is more than welcome to join in on the party!

This question came from a call-in to a nearby radio station: Will be there any time of music and should we bring out dancing shoes?

The band, “Buy Us Beer,” will be playing live music through both sessions so be prepared to dance the day away. They always bring the party and will definitely get you up on your feet.

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Awesome. Anything else we need to know?

We are super pumped to throw a great event for Montauk. I guess at this point we just want to remind everyone that there are two great sessions to choose from so you don’t have to worry about missing out if you can’t make one.

Also, guests should be sure to check out the Hampton Hopper which drops off and picks up at the Montauk Yacht Club so they don’t have to worry about a DD. If you are a DD we do offer a $15 ticket on our website… you can’t drink, but you will be able to enjoy the great food and music., and most importantly ensure your friends a safe ride home.

For more info + to get your hands on some tickets, head over to the Cheers Montauk website. Readers can use promo code “WHALEBONE” at checkout and received an extra 20$ off a ticket. See you guys there.