​How to Throw a Proper Pool Party with the MBH

The Montauk Beach House is the East End’s premier pool hangout. Summer after summer they supply the best music, vibes, people and of course pools to hang at for the greatest pool party scene out here. We teamed up with the Beach House to give you the guidelines to throw your own bash. Here’s some insight from the pros. Check out what you need to make it happen and don’t forget to tell us about it. #chlorinechronicles


Photo: Landskov

The Obvious.

You need water, chlorine, some other chemicals and something to put it in. Preferably a cement structure with proper filtration and some cool features with adjectives such as “infinity,” or “salt,” but any structure will do.

Disclaimer: blow up, portable and truck bed pools are not guaranteed to deliver the results listed here, but imagination always helps.

The Crowd: Cheeky, Classy, Comfortable and Beautiful people.

Let’s be honest, every party’s success depends on its company. When we say beautiful people we mean inside and well… definitely outside too. Seriously, no buzz kills. There’s always that “bro” that has to ruin the party or that “chick” that always gets too drunk. Weed those people out.


Photo: Tara Michie

And yes there has to be girls, babes if we’re talking particulars. It has been said, summer bodies are made in the winter and pool parties are the perfect event to break them out!

Above all, simply surround yourself in good company, where you’re comfortable to let loose and have fun. Take advantage of the day at hand to the fullest and live it up, it’s July on the east end!

Tunes Set the Tone.

Music is everything! Do your self a favor and invest in the tunes. Spend a little cash and get yourself a good pair of Bluetooth speakers or go big with a DJ. You’d be surprised who will show up and spin some tunes for a good time.

Check out Whalebone’s Pool Party Playlists by DJ Japancakes for best results.


Photo: Landskov

Enhancers make the party!

Let’s be honest, we like to enjoy a drink by the pool, but there are particular drinks that work well in the sun and poolside.

Refreshing drinks:

  • Daiquiris, punches and Piña Coladas
  • Bottles—Vodka, Tequila and Rum are great options
  • Cooler of beers—Corona, Imperial, Modelo, Tecate…and of course an MTK Brew Co beer…or four.

Disclaimer: Glass and pools don’t mix. And support our sober friends, craft sodas and juices are delicious too!


Treat your guests to some food. Drinking and swimming all day in the sun wears you out! Supply guests with some food to recharge!

  • Fruit
  • BBQ
  • Finger foods

Photo: James Katsipis


Think about it, the pool isn’t the only fun thing you have at a pool party! Add to the fun with these odds & ends.

One special thing we always recommend, if you can pull it off…

  • Slip N Slide… you’d be surprised on how much fun one of these things can provide.

Be Ready.

Whether you’re hosting or attending, when getting ready to go, don’t be afraid to prepare for the day. Make sure your guests are taken care of and pack a bag to get ready for the long haul. Pool party days can go for a long time and it’s always good to be ready for the day and the unexpected. Hosts provide place to chill in the shade. Party goers only the essentials. (Towel, Shades, Sunblock).


Photo: James Katsipis


Yea, you’re phone works, but don’t be afraid to get into it. Some of the best photos come from pool parties. Invest in a camera! Polaroids are back and “point and shoots” are awesome these days. Some are even waterproof! Hop in the pool and get the butt shot or group underwater photo, document the fun (#chlorinechronicles)!

Odds and Ends.

Dress accordingly! Cheeky bikinis and comfy swimsuits. Check out Poolside Collective at the Montauk Beach House, they’ll get you lookin’ good (@wearepoolside). Fellas check out Air & Speed for your pool swag.

Invitation tactics: Reach the masses! Social media, group text, flyer, tell your friends!


Photo: Landskov

When day turns to night:

Embrace the night!

  • Night swims are always fun
  • When day turn to night, clothing becomes optional. Skinny dipping encouraged. Live it up!

There you have it folks. Here’s how to throw the “raddest” pool party on the east end this summer. Now that you know, let’s see what you got! Hashtag #chlorinechronicles and #whalebone when you post your photos, and tag @whalebonemagazine and @thembh in your pool party photos for a chance to get featured on Whalebone’s Instagram or possibly even win some cool prizes. Only way to find out is to do it! Have a blast and happy pool party season!