Why Maggie Rogers Should Be Your Summer Soundtrack

Photo: Olivia Bee

Set for Summer Bonfires With a Witchy Vibe

Billie Eilish is neat and all, but what we need this summer is music that’ll make you swig from the bottle and dance around the fire al a Stevie Nicks. Maggie Rogers’ Heard It in a Past Life debuted earlier this year with a glowing endorsement from critics (mostly) and millennial lord and savior, John Mayer. If you find yourself with a spare moment take the time to take a listen to John’s IGTV duet with Rogers … magic. Witchy vocals, laid-back charm and folk-pop sounds to create the foundation for your summer soundtrack.

Rogers’ first major endorsement came while she was still a student at NYU from none other than our favorite lover of funny hats, Pharrell Williams. What became a viral video, shows Pharrell reviewing the former banjo-player, who looks wildly uncomfortable in the video by the way, and giving her a more than favorable response. “Zero notes.” And like those viral things often do, it put Maggie into a spotlight that she wasn’t quite prepared for, but she took the time to measure herself and created something that appears true.

On to the album…

The charm that aids this album is not dissimilar to what Florence Welsh brings to the table consistently. More a feeling of bare feet, red wine, and twirling. But maybe don’t twirl after red wine.

“Light On” is the major stand out from the album and, after a few stunning performances via the late night circuit, it’s easy to see why. It has all the moodiness and uncertainty that a lot of us crave of our power-lady-vocalists, pair that with a perfectly dance-y syncopation and it’s a good buzz. It serves as the statement piece for the debut.

The album does a proper job of building its momentum and then lulling you happily to sleep,  starting out with bops and then gradually slowing down the tempo. “Fallingwater” is a mellow gem that stands out as a nice representation of Maggie’s sound and range, while “The Knife” is a body-mover. Rogers’ mentions in the Pharrell video that she is synesthetic, and you can truly see the color of each song.

And the last track is the powerful statement, “Back In My Body,” which concludes her journey through the album and showcases the growth of the artist from being propelled into a spotlight but ultimately finding the ground underneath her.

Find Maggie on tour, literally everywhere. And find her album and definitely listen to it.