A Shindig Shooting Across The Sky-y-y


nybody can have a shindig on the Fourth of July. But it takes a real disregard for calendars and a healthy dose of ear damage from exploding firecrackers to throw a party on the Fifth of July. But together with our friends at Hero Beach Club and Design within Reach and we did just that.

There were no Roman candles but there were cans upon cans of Twisted Tea and that is almost the same thing except for the fact that you cannot drink a Roman candle. People got literally twisted on the Design Within Reach spinn-y chair things that look like tops but are way more comfortable and fun to sit in than a top might be.

Declaring our independence from the tyranny of shoes that tie.

Actually it’s called the “Spun” chair.

So, there we were just daydrinking the day after Independence Day away at Hero Beach Club, declaring our independence from the tyranny of shoes that tie with coolers full of Montauk Brew Co. and Twisted Tea and tables of The Palm Rosé, and having heated Kitu Super Coffee-super charged cornhole matches, staying hydrated with JUST Water and waiting for any unexploded ordinances from the night before to liven things up even more. Firecrackers or no, we grill to ignite, and when we couldn’t light it because we used all the fancy matches the night before, a voice cut through the crowd and rang out, “Do you know that there’s still a chance for you, ‘cause there’s a spark in you,” and yes, that grill got lit and the people ate and drank more Twisted Tea and saluted the glory of shoeless Fridays.

And, hell, the guy from The Wire even stopped by—not that guy, this guy.

We’ll see you at the next one.