Gear Guide: Pool Essentials

Float Away with The Palm by Whispering Angel

Never show up to the pool unprepared.

You take your lounging, tanning and rosé sipping seriously. You’ve already got one of those reflector things made out of tin foil-covered cardboard to hold under your chin so the inside of your neck gets evenly bronzed, but as for the rest, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a couple of pro-tips for you: Seriously, don’t use that reflector thing or you’ll end up looking like a turkey. Second, stay hydrated. By which we mean rosé and water.

What You’ll Need

The Palm by Whispering Angel Vin de Provence Rosé

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Slowtide Beach Towel

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Raw Elements Certified Natural Sunscreen

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JUST Water 24-Pack

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RAEN Sage Unisex Round Sunglasses

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