Pool Party Popcorn and Other Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Gear Up for the Last Rays of Summer

Let’s say you are lucky enough to have access to a socially distant pool, or you improvise with one of those blow-up kids pools in the backyard or find a swimming hole or dock to jump off of, the point is, the clock is ticking down on summertime fun. What do you need for your next venture into this sort of flight of fancy? Outdoor entertainment of the warm weather variety calls for a few key things. 

First of all snacks. Snag some truly healthy snacks for poolside (or tubside, whatever).

You may want to conjure the guru of how to chillax. That would be Homer,the big guy pictured on LesserEvil snacks. Go mellow and grab a sack of LesserEvil Himalayan Gold coconut-oil butter-flavored or Himalayan Pink Sea Salt popcorn. Throw some “no-cheese” cheesiness in there with Grain-free Paleo Puffs of that variety from LesserEvil. Then indulge in an Oh My Ghee LesserEvil popcorn with the goodness of grass-fed, organic clarified-butter and its Ayurvedic properties.

Maybe you think it’s weird to put hot sauce on popcorn, but it’s not. And we have the word of a real chef to go by, Adam Glick, who told us when we were putting together The Hot Sauce Issue of Whalebone Magazine that hot sauce on popcorn is amazingly good. Luckily we just teamed with Señor Lechuga to create our own hot sauce, The Hot Sauce Issue Habanero Hot Sauce and, oh yeah, we are a hot sauce company now.

Don’t forget about desert: grain-free Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies prove that less is more.

OK. We got snacks covered.

Gas Up the Boat, or Inflate the Kiddie Pool

Did we mention you might be taking the show on the road, er, water, and piling into the Whaler for a cruise around Shelter Island? Well, maybe you might. Good reason to have the YETI Roadie 24 on board. Fits the boat tie-down doo-hickie and comes in a summery sage green right now. Did we mention it fits bottles of wine upright? It does.

The Roadie fits wine, but if you want to put some other things in there, stock up on Just Water to stay hydrated. Pull in a few of the five functionally fizzy flavors of OLIPOP for a healthier soda alternative (or mix it up in a cocktail—choice is yours), and then of course we’d recommend that you fill up that YETI with 12-packs of Montauk Brew Co.’ Lemon-Lime Hard Seltzer. We would recommend that, but for reasons not immediately clear to us, Vaughan has not responded to our many entreaties to make 12-packs of Lemon-Lime Hard Seltzer. While you are feeling lemony summery things that have alcohol in them, also toss a four-pack or two or Fishers Island Hard Lemonade in there.

Slowtide is in the towel business and Old Pal is the relax yourself business, so this seems like a match made in cabana heaven. Grab a Slowtide x Old Pal oversize custom woven towel for whatever comes your way. Another fitting collaboration between friends of ours is the oHHo CBD x Surflodge Uplift Preroll 5-Pack, made with the Lifter CBD strain sustainably sourced from Saratoga Springs, NY. 

Lastly, no swimsuit? No problem. No, actually that would be a problem in most scenarios. Tienes problemo. We’ve literally got you covered though—covered in limited-edition Whalebone x Fair Harbor boardshorts.