Gear Guide: National Parks

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The Red Hat Man might approve of a few things on this list.

So you bought the van, you quit your job, and you mentally prepared yourself for the off-grid hiatus of a lifetime. You did the thing. Congrats. Stop number one? Probably a National Park or two. What exactly does one need to survive park-to-park? No need to go full survivor. But if you do, send us the footage. Here’s some gear that may come in handy during your time in the great outdoors.

Man smiling and wearing a Fjӓllrӓven red hat beanie


1960 Logo Hat in True Red

Maybe you make your rounds to national parks in the off-season. We don’t judge. Probably means things are going to get chilly though. Your ears will never see a day of winter hidden under here. The true red color is also great for flagging any of the “wanderers” in the group. Sadly not available in a full-body suit.

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Product shot of the aer taos deodorant against a white background

Taos AER

Wild Wood Deodorant

A plant-derived deodorant is key to embracing the sweet smells of nature all while avoiding the wrath of your own. Also perfect for convincing coworkers that you hike in a mountain forest before work every morning. A little goes a long way with this waterless concentrated formula. Bonus use code: WHALEBONE25 at check-out.

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A peson wearing jeans and white sneakers sits on a Midnight Black Pace 500 ebike Next-Gen on the road. Houses and trees and car are in the background.


Pace 500 Next-Gen in Midnight Black

Great for the family members that need a little extra boost up the hill, this bad boy maxes out around 28 mph. A solid choice for touring parks on and off the beaten path. Just remember to stay on the trail while cruising.

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Close up photo of a red Arvin Goods Performance Hemp Biofiber Crew Sock on a person's feet.

Arvin Goods

Performance Hemp Biofiber Crew Sock

These socks are made for walking. But actually. It’s all about the Hemp Biofiber. Great for a day of walking around your favorite national park. Guaranteed to help you run faster from bears. Probably what Benny wore in The Sandlot.

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Cover shot of the Parklands Book against a white background. The book cover features a blue lake with beautiful snow covered mountains in the background.

Parks Project

The Parklands: Trails and Secrets from the National Parks of the United States

Perhaps the most eye-pleasing field guide you ever did see. Answers any and all questions you may have about any and all national parks. Sustainably, too, mind you. Definitely check here before you go bathing in a forest stream.

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FujiFilm x-t30 camera with the lens facing the viewer


X-T30 II

Spread the spirit of the parks with a camera lens. Maybe submit a few shots to the Whalebone Photo Contest next year while you’re at it. Just an idea.

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Hoka hiking boot on someone's feet as they walk through a grassy trail. Mountains and blue sky are in the background.


Kaha GTX

If Cheryl Strayed’s experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail taught us anything, it’s the importance of a comfy hiking boot. And also not to throw your shoes off a cliff mid-hike. A top-tier choice when it comes to avoiding blisters and rubbing of any sort. Cloud-like, if you will.

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