[Team Huddle] Two Year Anniversary Edition

Photo: Haruka Sakaguchi

You’d have a hard time telling us 2015 was two years ago. Too much has happened. Too many legendary conversations with folks we admire, photographic features with some of our favorite sets of eyes on the planet, and an immeasurable amount of other stories we’ve had the pleasure of helping bring to life.

On the eve of Whalebone Magazine’s Two Year Anniversary, it seemed right to take a minute and look back at just how far we’ve come. Here is a properly curated collection of our team’s favorite stories + features, from day one ’til now. Enjoy.

The Shep Gordon Interview

Pick up the Music Issue.

— Eddie Berrang, Cofounder + Publisher

Team Huddle: Highly Watchable Music Videos

Can we pick a series? Because I dig our Team Huddles…All of them but specifically the one on our favorite music videos. I think we have a pretty badass team who are all involved in everything we do as a business, and it’s nice to show others what makes us tick. And I just love watching most of these music videos on repeat.

— Bronson Lamb, Cofounder + Managing Director + Father to Finn

6 Destinations That Should Be On Your 2017 Travel Bucket List

Not your typical travel bucket list. The talented Lucy Laucht built a small, yet extremely resourceful list that almost guarantees incredible scenery, much needed peaceful moments, and new cultures to explore in our own backyard (4/6 are in the US!). She quickly convinced me to add White Sands National Monument, New Mexico and Vernazza, Cinque Terre to the very top of my list. Plus, moving into a kick-ass Volkswagen camper van for a year sounds pretty legendary.

— Lyndsey Corin, Executive Sales Director (National) + Most Consistent Wearer of Overalls in the Harbor Area

The Dock’s George Watson Interviews Cheech

To me, this interview just seems so authentic to the foundation of the brand. Quoting our founder, “It’s not about how much everything is changing, it’s about everything that stays the same” – JJJ.

— Chris Smith, VP of Apparel Sales + Best Snowboarder on the Team re: Stratton Trip

Shaun White Interview

Fave Whalebone feature was the interview done with Shaun White. Maybe it’s because it made me (change my mind and) really like him as a person, or maybe it’s because I like to remember the funny circumstances under which Eddie interviewed him (in a hospital waiting room). Either way, Shaun is engaging, honest and humble and seemed to really be himself during the interview. Was cool to see that from mister zillion gold medals. The story he tells about the contest he traveled to where he was asked to split the prize money if he won was priceless. A must read WB classic for sure.

— Autumn Berrang, Brand Development + Team Mom

The Condé Nast Traveler Interview

I have to think that for the majority of the population, daydreaming about your next vacation is one of life’s greatest past times. I know when I used to work a 9-5 in an office everyday, I would spend my spare time on CN Traveler, Travel + Liesure, and other blogs trying to plot my next 3-day weekend escape. Not only is the content of this interview awesome (personal bias aside) but come on, the chemistry between team Whalebone and team CN Traveler?!? It’s epic! Are you single over there at CNT? We’ve got an eligible cast on our end… just sayin ;).

— Maggie Malloy, VP of Product Development

Inside Burton’s R&D Dream Factory

Great insights into a forward-thinking company (I didn’t even know they had this factory) and I love the backstory on where the name of the factory came from. Cool to hear their main goals is to create the best ride possible.

— Danielle Bergh, Project Manager + Fantasy Surfer Champion 2015

El Salvador in 35mm

The El Salvador in 35mm photo feature is one of my recent favorites. El Salvador was not previously on my list of surf destinations, but now I’d say its sliding into the #4 spot. The diverse landscape and abundance of point breaks make this gallery a real treat; grab a Golden and enjoy this mental vacation.

— Alyssa Eurell, Sales Executive + Anheuser-Busch Brand Ambassador

The Russell Winfield Interview

Kilcullen nailed the story and it was cool to hear Russell’s POV, bringing to light the early days of pro riding. Super cool that he shouted out my bro-in-law, Jay—who was also one of the first sponsored boarders back in the day, too.
— Mike Marett, Cofounder +  Virtual Reality Broker + Best Guy You’ll Ever Meet

Tortola in 35mm

These photos took me away from the concrete jungle for a second and made me want pack a bag and head somewhere without cell service. Aesthetically pleasing and just pretty freaking awesome, Tortola in 35mm was one of my favorites because it showed that a) Alyssa’s got skills b) I should probably have Tortola on my travel agenda. Particularly fond of the photo with the birds. Birds rule.

— Caitlin Cotroneo, Senior Project Manager + Prolific User of Outdated Slang

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