Team Huddle: And I Like to Party

Photo: Hot Rod

In true week-of-issue-release-party fashion, the office squad has spoken zero words about a topic that did not have to do with a) how outrageous the dancing will be on Friday night b) what we will be fueling up on during dancefloor intermissions c) anticipated recovery meal and/or activity Saturday morning.

With full hype in the air, it seemed deserved that we get everyone’s party preferences on the books before the NYC Issue Release Party at VNYL this Friday, so that we can look back and see just how close/far everything went according to plan (as well is build some hype for what’s going to be an insane night). Let’s get jiggy wit it.

Mallory Turner, Art Director

Preferred Beverage: Tito’s and Red Bull

Pre-Midnight Dance Move: Blades of Glory (rapid arm movements and face framing with blade hands, it’s like a more fluid robot)

Nonverbal Pickup Line: Dual-wielding finger guns

Post-Midnight Dance Move: The Charlie Chuckle (think super wiggly Charlie Chaplin), more Blades of Glory

Hangover Cure of Choice: There is no cure after 25

Bronson Lamb, Managing Director

Preferred Beverage: Casamigos on ice with plenty of limes

Pre-Midnight Dance Move: Old man moves…there’s a two step in there

Nonverbal Pickup Line: Playing PacMan

Post-Midnight Dance Move: Two step (continued)

Hangover Cure of Choice: Masochism…a run followed by a dip in the ocean followed by a bloody mary and something fried. preferably at The Dock.

Maggie Malloy, VP of Product Development

Preferred Beverage: Tequila soda lime

Pre-Midnight Dance Move: Heavy grind (start early, go all night long)

Nonverbal Pickup Line: Clink of the drink

Post-Midnight Dance Move: Does the DFMO count as a dance move?

Hangover Cure of Choice: Hair of the dog—a really good bloody

Michael Kilcullen, Associate Editor

Preferred Beverage: Jameson Ginger

Pre-Midnight Dance Move: The “Our Savior” Shimmy with routine snapping of fingers

Nonverbal Pickup Line: Zoo animal behavior

Post-Midnight Dance Move: TBP (To Be Performed)

Hangover Cure of Choice: Down a chicken cutlet on a hero with provolone, lettuce, onion, salt, pepper, hot sauce, ranch. Drink some water + coffee. Then go skate LES or Chelsea Pier until I realize I’m running on a corner deli sandwich and ~3 hours of sleep. Head home, back to bed.

Lyndsey Corin, Sales Director, National

Preferred Beverage: Good ole vod-sod + limes + lemons.

Pre-Midnight Dance Move: Awkward shimmy side-step, while trying not to spill my drank.

Nonverbal Pickup Line: Intense staring contest. Hold their gaze long enough, where they will be convinced that if they don’t come over, say hi, buy you a drink, and make a move… that you will find them and kill them. Eyes wide. Don’t give up.

Post-Midnight Dance Move: Can’t tell you. My parents read this, and the patent is still pending.

Hangover Cure of Choice: Brisk walk to Murray’s. Salt bagel toasted with peanut butter, blue Gatorade, coconut water of choice, 14 large water bottles, and get back in bed.

Caitlin Cotroneo, Senior Project Manager

Preferred Beverage: Tito’s + soda with lime

Pre-Midnight Dance Move: High kick + a shoulder shimmy

Nonverbal Pickup Line: Personal space invasion

Post-Midnight Dance Move: Dropping it low

Hangover Cure of Choice: 3 part combo—coconut water + berry smoothie, french fries, doing something active

Tune in next week for a very tired, post-Turkey Day Team Huddle.