Things That Very Well Might Happen in 2019

We haven’t got a crystal ball, but we do have Miss Cleo on speed dial.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld picks up an issue of Whalebone Magazine and apologizes
  2. While on assignment for The Mexico Issue of Whalebone Magazine Walter Iooss puts down his camera and picks up…a luchador mask. Currently reigning welterweight champion
  3. Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski come to blows while guest editing The Office Issue of Whalebone Magazine after John encases each individual page of Rainn’s copy of the page proofs in Jell-O
  4. Autumn hugs Obama, isn’t tackled by secret service, and her life is officially complete
  5. Lyndsey still won’t wash her ear after Lady Gaga finally returns her call for a feature in The Music Issue
  6. Not a dry eye in the house at the official memorial service for DJ Japancakes
  7. BBQ at Shep Gordon’s place in Hawaii with tunes by William Grand
  8. The Boneyard sails again!
  9. Costco takes advantage of nation’s Velveeta surplus to fill its new wave pools across the country
  10. And as the year draws to a close the government shutdown finally ends when Jeff Bezos buys it—a Prime Membership now gets you next-day-tax return service