Tortola in 35mm

Visiting Tortola is a little like going back in time. No cell service, spotty internet connection and not a whole lot to do beside enjoy what the island has to offer. Taking it slow is practically the only act encouraged, and more-or-less mandatory by local standards. Having spent a handful of winters there, I knew I’d have a bunch of free time to just wander around and shoot whatever caught my eye.

On this specific trip, I shot with an old Minolta film camera—which I bought just hours before my flight’s departure. Newfound thrift store score in hand, I was pumped to finally be able to capture my favorite place on Earth in a style that fits the old school way of life there. And despite the camera shitting the bed four days after getting back to the States, I was able to come away with the shots above during my stay.

Photo gallery unofficially brought to you by Minolta Film Technologies and Anheuser-Busch, LLC.