Baby, be my Cheeto & Wine

Michelle McSwain and Vanessa Price are the trash food + wine pairing dream team you never knew you needed

If your boss asks you to cover an event and that event happened to be an art show you’d say, “Yeah, I love art I’m always into that.” But what if they said, “Do you want to cover an art show that will have a wine pairing?” then you’re like, “Not only do I love art, I love wine. Please let me cover this event.”  But wait, what if they then said, “Do you want to cover this art show that will feature wine pairings with food such as Cheetos, Sourpatch Kids, and fried chicken?”  You’d be saying something like, “Hey yeah, I’d love to and also I’m going be working for whichever humans thought of that, as of today. Goodbye, I’ll remember you fondly.”

These are those humans

Michelle & Vanessa

Didn’t get a job offer out of it, but did get to experience the flavor explosion and some non-composite photography goodness. The event was put on by the very charismatic team of Michelle McSwain and Vanessa Price to showcase their new collection, The Vinum Project. Their mission, according to the artists, is “…to engage fresh conversations and explore new perspectives for how we view wine.” These two besties from Kentucky have been working together for 25 years, and apparently still get along. And it seems they each have their role to play in the project, Michelle is the photographic eye, while Vanessa heads up the editorial content.  And together they put on a nice little evening at the always beautiful The Montauk Beach House. 

Pairings of the Evening:

Cheetos and sauvignon blanc

Sour Patch Kids and dry Riesling 

Fried Chicken and Champagne (winner, winner chicken-freakin-dinner)